A helpful way to support the goodinthehead movement is to purchase a t-shirt for yourself or someone else.

The t-shirts are $30, plus shipping. They come with stickers, as well. If you live in Mesa, Arizona, I’ll deliver it to you for free. These shirts are a labor of love for me. The first one took four days to make, and the last one I made only took two hours. (When we consistently do our best, our best consistently gets better, and we suck LESS-lol) ANY of us can upgrade ANY skill through repetition and practice.

Currently, the options are v-neck or crew-neck, short sleeve t-shirts. Hats, sweatshirts, and many other products are in the works.

If you would like to earn a FREE t-shirt, check out the Facebook group, The 2021 GOODINTHEHEAD CHALLENGE.

If you wish to purchase a t-shirt, please email me (Pete Jones) at with details of your desired purchase and where to ship it.