Until we KNOW better, we will not DO better.  If we are SERIOUS about healing and better health, we will need to KNOW BETTER.  We will need to learn more, and put what we learn into action

Healing AND recovery is a life-long practice.  One of the beautiful things that connects us all on a deep level is pain, and the fact that we all experience it, and have the need to heal and recover from it.

-From the book, THE HEALING QUESTIONS GUIDE, by Wendi Jensen.

It is my vision to start a Healing and Recovery Center, which will then turn into many Healing and Recovery Centers, all over the world.  This vision will be made a reality, in hopes that it is a place of refuge, comfort, safety, learning, and re-creation.  I hope the teachings, wisdom, knowledge, and options, regarding healing and recovery, will someday be a huge part of everyone’s thoughts, words, actions, and lifestyles.

The better we KNOW, the better we can DO.

Once we have become well-versed in the art and practice of Healing and Recovery, we can then share what we have learned with others, as we continue on in our own practice.

It is my belief that we are all ONE.  We are all from the same source.  When one of us hurts, we all, collectively, experience pain.  When one of us heals and practices recovery, we all heal and recover, collectively.

We are not these bodies we reside in-they are just tools we are blessed to learn how to use in order to optimize this life experience, and more fully enjoy this unique, personalized, individual journey, which we are all a part of.

We can’t do much for ourselves or for others if we don’t feel good.  The better we feel, and the more effective we are at healing, the more we will be able to do for ourselves and others.  We ALL have the need and the capacity and ability to heal.  For some, it is easier than others.

Learning how to heal is one of the most important things we can learn how to do in this life. 

Healing is one of the most important tools we can pass along to those we love.  Even if you never once feel the need any of this information, it is guaranteed that if you have this information in your personal arsenal you will add value to others with it, eventually.  You may literally save someone’s life by sharing it.  It may just be the life of someone you love.

Physical healing from illnesses and diseases is available to us all.  Mental and emotional healing from traumatic experiences or prolonged, repeated abuse, is something each of us can benefit from.  Spiritual healing can come to those of us that suffer from a mis-perception in belief systems or personal philosophy.  Healing needed from personal difficulties, recovery needed to continuously navigate through personal addictions, and the ability to understand things which cause us pain, are all things which may render us more capable to live a much greater life than we can now imagine.  The healing process can be one of the most difficult, heart-wrenching, painful, processes of our entire life, but once started, it quickly can become the biggest blessing we will ever experience.

No matter what we have done, no matter how far we have gone in the, “wrong,” direction, there is ALWAYS hope.  There is always opportunity to practice healing, recovery, and re-creation.

I’ve come across some videos, containing knowledge and teachings about healing, recovery, and re-creation, that have helped me to learn how to change and improve the way I live my life.  I hope they will help you learn how to practice healing, and how to teach others to heal, as well.  Please share this information with anyone and everyone you know.  We can all benefit from any kind of healing.

Healing is a lifelong process and a continuous practice.  We all experience pain and trauma and loss.  Because of this, we are forever in, “Recovery.”  The earlier we learn how to practice healing, the better.  Imagine learning how to heal at the young age of a child, and being given the tools needed to successfully navigate your way through the pain and suffering, that is an inevitable part of this life experience.  Now, imagine knowing nothing, because the people around you have always learned nothing, about healing, recovering, and navigating through pain and suffering.

Life throws many reasons at us to learn how to recover and heal.  The more effective we are at healing and recovery, the better off we will be.  The better off others around us will also be.  Just as damaged people tend to damage others, healed people experiencing and practicing recovery, tend to heal others and help them recover.

Are you ready to start healing?  This is some of the knowledge and wisdom I’ve researched and been lucky enough to come across.   I hope it benefits you as much as it has benefited me.  (If there is information about healing and recovery not shared here, please share it with me at goodinthehead@gmail.com, so I can post it for others to learn more about.)

Here is an EXCELLENT article about healing:


Breathing has literally become one of the most helpful tools of my toolbox in my healing process.  It is something I practice daily and have added to my morning routine.  This is why:


For over two years I fought meditation.  I didn’t know how to do it.  I was scared to fail at it, wondering if it would even help me at all.  I was also overwhelmed with the hundreds of different way of doing it.  Seeing my own mother benefit a GREAT deal from meditation, and literally become an even more incredible, helpful, more fully healed version of herself, had me thinking it was a practice I should definitely try out, at the very least!  Once I came across this interview, I bought Emily Fletcher’s book, STRESS LESS, ACCOMPLISH MORE.  I have been meditating daily, ever since, and I will never look back or stop.  The only regret I have concerning meditation is that I didn’t start doing it sooner.  Every truly successful, fulfilled, happy person I know has this one thing in common:  They all meditate on a consistent basis.  This interview tells why it is so incredibly helpful in the healing process, but the book is FAR better as a resource, tool, and motivator.  Check it out: