One of the best purchases I ever made was the audiobook by Emily Fletcher, STRESS LESS ACCOMPLISH MORE.  For YEARS I WANTED to meditate, but I was fearful that I would somehow mess it up.  She helped me realize that the BIGGEST mistake was to put off meditation any longer.  This book qualifies meditation as one of the MOST IMPORTANT tools we can ever use as a daily practice that will only result in TRUE EXPANSION in ALL areas of life.  I can’t recommend the purchase of this audiobook enough.

After a few months of practicing what she teaches in this book, I realized that ANY and EVERY consistent meditative practice is HIGHLY USEFUL.  I began to experiment with different meditations, and the personal results I experienced in my life were PHENOMENAL. 

After a few years of consistent practice, meditation became a necessity for me in THE PROCESS OF UNBECOMING everything I thought I HAD to be, in order to be worthy of love, appreciation, and acceptance.  I was able to begin visualizing more effectively, travel to alternate realities and planes of existence, and RE-IDENTIFY in ways that have proven to be HIGHLY EMPOWERING. 

When it comes to getting and staying goodinthehead, my current meditative practice has proven to be HIGHLY USEFUL AND EFFECTIVE.  I want to share this practice with you, and if you are interested in trying it out, and seeing for YOURSELF just how much a daily meditative practice can enhance and optimize EVERY AREA of this life, then I will consider it to have been worth sharing.

I ask only that you approach this personal practice with a mind WIDE OPEN to the limitless possibilities of personal optimization and eternal growth.

I begin each session by using a short breathing exercise shared by Wim Hof.  It comes through a YouTube video called, Guided Wim Hof Method Breathing, and I will put the link to the video below.  At the end of this short breath-work video, I thank Wif Hof, as my brother, sending him love and gratitude for making this video.

Immediately following this video, I quickly prepare a plant medicine called Hape (pronounced Hop-ay,) which is a sacred, blessed, and intentionally prepared medicine from the Amazon.  I will attach the link below where you can find and purchase this product, along with a Kuripe for application.  I have found it to enhance the meditative practice IMMENSELY, though this meditation is still HIGHLY EFFECTIVE without it.  Hape is 100% legal and has been used by cultures in South America for CENTURIES to decalcify the Pineal Gland, gain the power of heightened visualization, and heal and strengthen the soul.  This highly useful tool was introduced to me by someone I am close to that has experimented with mind and soul-enhancing plant medicines, and has empowered this person to experience growth I am continuously amazed by. 

RESULTS DON’T LIE and I have found it a good practice to observe what works well for MANY others, and then try what has worked so incredibly well for them to see if it produces the same, or similar results, for me.  (As a side note, if you have never tried Hape, it is good to try it with someone who has used it previously, and to learn everything about it through experimentation, BEFORE using it as a tool in your meditative practice.)

As I prepare the Hape, the next video I meditate to begins playing.  It is a short YouTube video called, EAST FOREST x RAM DASS – I Am Loving Awareness (feat. Krishna Das).  You will find a link to it below.

As soon as the Hape has been applied, I begin BOX BREATHING.  I will attach a short video about box breathing below.  Box breathing is used REGULARLY by NAVY SEALS.  These warriors do not waste time on practices that are not HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and HIGHLY USEFUL to them in all they do.  If it is good enough for THEM as a consistent practice, I choose it to be useful for me.  It has completely altered my life for the better, alleviating anxiety and stress at any time throughout the day that I use it, empowering me to think more clearly, and completely energizing me, mentally and physically.

As I breathe in for four counts, I think the thought, LOVE FROM ALL THAT IS, and visualize LOVE, coming into my heart from the hearts of EVERY living thing, grown EVERYWHERE-from EVERY UNIVERSE, as light, energy, and water, filling my heart with love SO COMPLETELY that at the end of the four counts I hear MASSIVE waves crashing, filling the immediate area I exist in, the entire planet, and the galaxy the earth is residing within, with UNCONDITIONAL PEACE, LOVE, COMPASSION, and LIGHT.

As I hold my breath for four counts, I imagine ripples of MASSIVE tidal waves of LOVE, spreading outwards from our galaxy and expanding the LIGHT FROM WITHIN ALL THAT IS into the darkness of the void BEYOND space and time in a rippling pattern, as if a large stone was thrown into a body of still water, creating ripples that go outward, forever, never ceasing to exist, and never stopping. This activates and amplifies PEACE, LOVE, and COMPASSION EXPOTENTIALLY, limitlessly and forever expanding.

As I breathe out for four counts, I repeat the words in my mind, AND HERE WE ALL ARE, AS ONE, FLOATING IN PEACE, LOVE, and COMPASSION-FOREVER.  (For the first few rounds of breathing I usually send healing energy, love, and light to individuals I love, or to those going through difficult times or in need of healing, one at a time.)

As I hold my breath for four counts, I imagine myself floating in a space of unconditional peace, love, and compassion-along with everyone and everything else, as light energy and entities of pure love, and in this moment, we are all inextricably intertwined and connected in pure love, light, and energy.

I have found it MOST useful to do this practice while barefoot, with my feet on the grass or in the dirt, allowing my body to ground completely with Mother Earth, and heal through NATURE as I meditate.

That’s it!  After two years of practicing meditation, this is one of the LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES that I love to use.  It empowers me, strengthens me, and allows me a short time period in my busy day to COMPLETELY disconnect from this world and everything going on within it.  I come out of EVERY meditation feeling refreshed, healed, empowered, and endowed with a sense of renewed strength, and the ability to tackle ANY project life throws my way.  It helps me RE-ALIGN and RECONNECT with my TRUE identity, and WHAT I am, while working at upgrading the WHO I identify as in my body.

I sincerely hope you try meditation-and not just once or twice!  It is a practice that is meant to be daily, and life-long.  The benefits of meditation are explained in great detail in Emily Fletcher’s book, STRESS LESS ACCOMPLISH MORE.

I wish you well on your life journey.  I hope to experience your light, love, and energy SOON, within the planes that only meditation can take us into while we inhabit these temporary bodies.

If you are interested in a Zoom conference call to learn more and practice this meditation with me and others, please feel free to reach out to me at, or simply message me on any Social Media platform, where I can be found as goodinthehead.


Guided Wim Hof Method Breathing

Website for Hape and Kuripe

BOX BREATHIN tutorial video

EAST FOREST x RAM DASS – I Am Loving Awareness (feat. Krishna Das)

As an added bonus, I am including a TEDx talk by Max Strom, called, BREATH TO HEAL: