“An UPGRADE in our BELIEFS OF SELF will automatically lead to an


-Maxwell Maltz


-Maxwell Maltz



-Zig Ziglar

For the first seven years of our lives, our brains are constantly in THETA, the mode of PROGRAMMING.  This literally means that we are BEING PROGRAMMED.  Mostly, we learn by observation, not necessarily by what we are told.  In this human body, with all five senses working correctly, we are constantly being bombarded with INFORMATION.  There are 40 BILLION bits of information coming at us at all times, and for the first seven years, our brain is programmed to take It ALL in.  Around the age of seven, our brains switch off the overwhelming programming mode of THETA, and our brains transition into BETA mode, which is when all of the previous, subconscious programs begin to RUN, and it is from THIS programming, beliefs, and habits that we all constantly create and recreate our personal realities.  (IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT ALL WE ARE TAUGHT, ALONG WITH OUR MISPERCEPTIONS, MISCONCEPTIONS AND UNTRUE BELIEFS ABOUT WHAT WE THINK WE ARE BEING TAUGHT, IS WHAT GETS PROGRAMMED INTO THE SUBCONSIOUS, AND WILL FOREVER DICTATE HOW WE SEE OURSELVES, OTHERS, AND THE WORLD IN GENERAL, WHICH THEN MAKES US DECIDE THE ACTIONS AND REACTIONS TO ALL THINGS WITHIN OUR LIVES, UNTIL WE LEARN TO REPROGRAM OUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND IN A MORE EMPOWERING, CREATIVE AND EXPANSIVE WAY.  THE QUALITY OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING WE HAVE, LITERALLY DICTATES THE QUALITY OF BELIEFS, HABITS, AND ACTIONS WHICH WE CHOOSE, AND THAT DETERMINES THE QUALITY OF OUR PERSONAL LIFE EXPERIENCES AND HOW WE SEE THEM.)  It is then that our RAS (Reticular Activating System) begins working, only allowing that which is in alignment with our beliefs to be entered into our mind.  The RAS makes sure we are not overwhelmed (think of a computer overheating and melting) by only allowing us to pay attention to that which we CHOOSE to think about and focus on.  Knowing this is HIGHLY EMPOWERING.  It is important and highly useful to remember that the advertising agencies, and people in general, will do ANYTHING to program our minds, or convince us, to think that which will serve THEIR beliefs, ideas, and creations, rather than that which WE want to create for OURSELVES.  When we have CLARITY OF INTENTION and CLARITY of EXACTLY what WE WANT, it is MUCH easier to focus and RE-focus ONLY on what WE want to think, speak about, and act upon, in order to create what WE want to within our personal realities.

WE are the CONSCIOUS mind.  Our PROGRAMMING is a part of the SUBCONSCIOUS mind.  We THINK with our CONSCIOUS mind.  We ACT from our SUBCONSCIOUS mind.

After the age of seven, the only ways we can REPROGRAM the SUBCONSCIOUS mind are through HYPNOSIS or REPETITION.  If we want our BEHAVIORS to change, WE MUST REPROGRAM THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND and OUR BELIEFS.

Something I have found to be INCREDIBLY useful is to think of my brain and body as a HIGHLY complex, biochemical, bio-hormonal, bio-electrical, bio-magnetic, MACHINE.  When I look at it like a virtual reality suit I am temporarily inhabiting in order to experience this life through, I am empowered with the possibility that NOT ONLY AM I INTERACTING WITH LIFE through this virtual reality suit, but I AM ALSO CONSCIOUSLY INTERACTING WITH THIS SUIT, which means I can actually UPGRADE this suit, and by so doing, I CAN UPGRADE MY LIFE EXPERIENCES THROUGH THIS SUIT!  Ram Dass referred to this body as a, “SOUL POD.” 

WE are the creators of our own PERSONAL REALITY.  This human body is AMAZING. 

We ALL experience EMOTIONS.  Many of us are slaves to them, rather than MASTERS of them.

Emotions are the residual effects of feeling a certain way for an extended period of time, which is a result of our HABITUAL THINKING PATTERNS we have CHOSEN or have been ADDICTED to, for an extended period of time.

Our EMOTIONAL BASELINE is actually a comfortable ADDICTION to the chemicals and hormones that are consistently produced by our CONSISTENT THOUGHT PATTERNS that make us FEEL most comfortable and enjoy the illusion of what WE think is safe.  This chemical cocktail THAT WE DESIGN, and constantly choose by what we constantly choose to focus on and think about, CAN ONLY RESULT IN THE OUTCOMES THAT IS CURRENTLY OUR PERSONAL REALITY.

EVERYTHING going on in our lives and happening “to” us is a direct result of OUR own decided thoughts, what WE choose to consistently focus and RE-focus on, and WHAT WE ALLOW OUR MINDS TO CONSUME and ruminate upon.

This is just one of MANY examples of how incredible the human body really is: When we think a thought, which is ELECTRICAL in nature, and then a chemical and hormonal cocktail that is directly related to that thought is instantly released into the blood stream from a few different sources within the body.  Once injected into the blood stream, these chemicals and hormones reach over 100,000 MILES of veins and blood vessels, WITHIN ONLY TWO PUMPS OF THE HEART, and produce a FEELING within our entire body that directly correlates with the thought that was thunk.  The feeling is MAGNETIC and GRAVITATIONAL in nature and instantaneously begins pulsating and transmitting outward from our body.  The magnetic pulse then goes into space and time, accesses what Einstein referred to as, THE FIELD, or SOURCE, and begins magnetically and gravitationally attracting all events, people, places, things, circumstances and situations that are similarly, magnetically charged.  EVERY CELL within our bodies carries within it antennae, from which transmissions are sent and received in accordance to HOW WE FEEL. 

If HOW WE FEEL is literally dictated by HOW WE CONSISTENTLY THINK, and what we choose to CONSISTENTLY FOCUS ON and ALLOW TO RUMINATE within our conscious minds, how important do YOU think our habitual thought patterns and beliefs actually are?

Resources this information was pulled from:

I want to thank Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Caroline Leaf, and the MANY podcast guests of Tom and Lisa Bilyeu, Lewis Howes, and Ed Mylett, for the information I have gathered and been empowered to amass and compile as I have.  These incredible content-providers, along with MANY others, have empowered me with MANY ideas and tools with which to experiment.  DOING things differently has provided me useful feedback, data and information that has allowed me to progressively get mor adept at recalibrating my beliefs, actions and habits in ways that have allowed me to intentionally upgrade MYSELF, as well as MY LIFE EXPERIENCES.  THANK YOU.  So many of the people I have come across through these podcasts have written AMAZING books with VOLUMES of highly useful and effective information.  As Robin Sharma teaches, TO READ A BOOK IS TO MEDITATE WITH THE AUTHOR OF THAT BOOK.  To listen to, and then RE-listen to podcasts and content that is in alignment with what WE want to focus on and create for OURSELVES is to meditate with those providing that content.



The most useful SELF IMAGE tool I repeatedly read on a daily basis, right before going to sleep, in order to reprogram my subconscious is the I AM PROJECT.  Simply write down, or type out, a list of EVERYTHING you believe yourself to BE.  At the top of the page, put, I AM, and then list EVERYTHING that comes to mind. 

After this initial list, brainstorm ALL possible sources of where this belief of yourself came from.

Now, make ANOTHER list.  Put I AM at the top of the page, and list EVERYTHING that you WANT to be.  Designing a day filled with activities, a to do list, or habitual practices that ensures you consistently and daily work towards expanding into BEING MORE of THESE things is an EXCELLENT strategy.  Reading this new and improved list each night, just before drifting off to sleep, is INCREDIBLY effective.  Doing this literally programs the RAS (Reticular Activating System) to continuously seek out and search for all events, people, places, things, circumstance and situations that will constantly ONLY allow in these new beliefs of self, prove them to be true, and allow for an incremental and slowly upgraded self-image and correlating sets of life experiences.

Adding to this list as needed or desired is a great way to CONTINUE to grow, improve, expand, and progress into ALWAYS being an upgraded version of ourselves.  The better we know the better we can choose to BE.

If you would like to see an example of my own personal I AM practice, and the paper I read at the end of each day, click HERE.


Hypnosis can be administered through a therapist, or we can make a recording with our own voice in order to reprogram our subconscious in the exact manner WE want to, and listen to it as we drift off to sleep and right after we wake up.  These are the two times that our subconscious mind is most susceptible and open to reprogramming.  For more detailed information on this, refer to Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work-especially the video on YouTube, titled, I CAN TEACH YOU HOW TO PROGRAM THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming

One beautiful and useful tool to research, experiment with, and implement into our daily lives is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming,) which can be used to program the body to react AUTOMATICALLY to such things as smells, touching an earlobe, or hearing a certain sound.  It is a way of hypnotizing the body to automatically and instantly remember to feel a certain way that WE have programmed it to feel.  The FEELING then produces THINKING, so feeling and thinking are interconnected, for sure.

There are MANY sources for NLP.  YouTube videos, books, and classes have been created for YEARS to empower people through the practice of NLP.  Tony Robbins is a consistent practitioner of NLP, and has been for YEARS, and attributes this as one of the practices which has empowered him to create the INCREDIBLY successful life that he now enjoys and provides for SO MANY others.