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Welcome to The goodinthehead Podcast Page!

My name is Pete Jones, and I AM GOODINTHEHEAD.

GOODINTHEHEAD is a worldwide community with the purpose, intention, and agenda of empowering anyone searching for tools, ideas, tips, tricks, life-hacks, and opportunities to upgrade perspectives, beliefs, habits, and personal, daily practices, in order to get better, acquire new skills, learn to practice creating the most beautiful life experiences possible, and to ALWAYS BE UPGRADING.

It is my aim to empower others to upgrade their human selves in ways that provide them opportunities to expand out of personal suffering and surviving, and into THRIVING, creating more abundance for themselves and those they love in EVERY area of life.







Yet another amazing tool is to repeat THIS to yourself and others:

THERE IS NOTHING YOU COULD SAY, DO, OR BE THAT WOULD EVER MAKE ME LOVE YOU LESS. Repeating this DAILY, until it is automatic and easy will bless YOUR life and the lives of everyone around you.

I wish you all the happiness, love, and joy you deserve on your own, personal, unique, and individual life journey.

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Episode 1: Andriana Bucci is a Narcissistic Abuse Recover Coach based out of Canada. Her Instagram name is #letsgetyourshifttogether. She empowers others with tools, beliefs, habits and practices, to feel, heal, and expand into a greater version of themselves, thereby allowing them the opportunity to create and enjoy a MUCH more and enhanced personal reality.
Connect with her on Instagram today! Enjoy the content she provides, follow her for empowering ideas and daily motivation, and take part in one of her Boot Camps or Classes she provides!

Episode 2: Billy Scott is an Author, Entrepreneur, Self-Empowerment Coach, and good friend. His website is found at, on Facebook he is @billyscottthoughts, and on Instragram he can be found @billyscottthoughts
His free and empowering Depression-Recovery Course he refers to at the end of the interview will be accessable at

Episode 3: Yanatha can be found on Instagram at #goodmanchronicles
He is a writer, featured as a best-selling Author on Amazon, a filmmaker, TEDx speaker, an EMPOWERMENT Coach, a Professor and teacher, and what I define as a goodman. In this podcast, Yanatha shares tools with which children and adults can empower themselves to more efficiently and constantly recreate an upgraded INNER environment that will absolutely, eventually manifest in their physical reality.
I highly recommend following him and allowing some of the seeds he is sowing through his work to be planted in your mind!
To support him in his efforts to inspire and heal the world through the arts, and to support his cause, please visit

Episode 4: William Melchizedek is a Quantum Energy Healer and Light Language Activator. From the age of three he was very aware of his work and purpose within this life.
He is an INCREDIBLE resouce for ANYONE wishing to realize and remember WHAT THEY TRULY ARE, and is a source of LIGHT and LOVE for many.
My youngest son, Dravyn, and I had an incredible experience with him on top of Bell Tower, one week before Dravyn entered boot camp. It was
something we couldn’t explain, or fully understand, but it was PROFOUND. Connecting with William Melchizedek in person was an amazing opportunity we weren’t expecting, and I am incredibly grateful to remain connected with him through this podcast, as well as his many resources, found in the links below. Along with Keleena Malnar, he is presenting the I AM webinar, and links to these webinars can be found on his website, under the EVENTS tab within the site’s menu.

Episode 5: Michael Taylor is a source of inspiration and empowerment to anyone he comes into contact with. His life story is MIND-BLOWING, and the results he has created after lifting himself up out of his dark beginnings are almost unbelievable. The tools he discovered throughout his life made it possible for him to completely recreate his Self-Image, change his Self-Narrative, and become a provider of a roadmap to TRUE life success that ANYONE can benefit from. Michael is an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Author of 9 books, Radio and TV host, and Personal Life Coach. For anyone seeking tools to begin their own, personal self-recreation process, or upgrade their current life experience, I highly recommend learning from this great man.
Coach Michael Taylor can be found at and on Instagram @coachmichaeltaylor.

As referred to within the interview with Michael, here are a few useful links to the Inner Child work of John Bradshaw, as well as a guided meditation video created by Craig Hamilton. I also inserted a link to my personal favorite guided meditation featuring Ram Dass and Krishna Das.

Craig Hamilton Guided Meditation
Ram Dass Guided Meditation

Episode 6: Marwan Elnakeeb is someone I have learned a great deal from. I first connected with him through a Facebook group called, THE IMPACT THEORY LEAGUE. He is a writer, father, husband, and friend, and someone I am grateful to know. His writings come from reviews he constructs after reading books that he seeks out for Personal Improvement and upgrading opportunities, and the knowledge he has amassed has helped him to create and expand into a higher version of himself, CONSISTENTLY, since 2015.
It is true, that TO KNOW AND NOT TO DO IS NOT TO KNOW. He seeks out things to experiment with and try out in the books he reads, and his purpose is to share the knowledge he obtains within these books with EVERYONE, in hopes that he will empower others with useful knowledge that may deter them from making painful mistakes that he and so many others of us have made.

His writings can be found at

This is the link to the Wim Hof Guided Breathing Video that we refer to in this interview.

This is a link to the audio version of Robert Greene’s book, THE 48 LAWS OF POWER, that Marwan credits for his re-energized love of reading and Self-Development practices.

Episode 7: In this episode of The goodinthehead Podcast, I share some upgrade ideas that have worked INCREDIBLY well in upgrading EVERY aspect of my life.

Episode 8: Thomas Lee is a Family Man, a believer, a creator, and a Business Coach focused on empowering leaders and coaches to improve and expand. His clarity of purpose, his daily routines, and the impact he desires to manifest is impressive and completely worth learning more about and supporting.

To contact Thomas, or to connect with him, here are the necessary links:
FB Group:
IG: @ThomasJayLee
Website: ( undergoing makeover )

Episode 9: Ferenc Toth is a friend, an entrepreneur, an educator, and an empowering source of experience, wisdom, and knowledge-especially when it comes to finances. I HIGHLY recommend reaching out to him, forming a strategic alliance, and creating the most abundant life possible with the clarity of future vision Ference provides.

Below is Ferenc’s contact information, along with a short bio description.

From Ferenc: Please contact me with any questions.
Your Personal Bank Show
The Patriot 960am Tune in Sat @9am and Sun @11am
Money Radio 1510am & 105.3FM Tune in Tues@noon and Thur@1pm

Listen anytime at

6424 E Greenway Pkwy, Suite 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

About Ferenc Toth:
➢ Host of the Your Personal Bank TM radio show on Money Radio ➢ Nationally acclaimed educator and speaker on financial literacy ➢ President and Founder of Secure Estate Management ➢ Successful entrepreneur of several businesses, including retail, construction, real estate, and financial services
➢ Chairman of the Board of an FDIC insured bank information
Ferenc is the founder of Your Personal Bank. He is passionate about helping people gain control of their money, create tax-favored income, and having access to more funds over their lifetime!
He has a knack for explaining complicated financial concepts in a simple and easily understood manner. Ferenc gets people to think and empowers them to better understand the financial tools they are considering. He actively educates for financial literacy.
Ferenc’s company continues growing rapidly with over 5000 clients and a dozen advisers. Ferenc has personally advised over 1000 clients and mentored many advisors over his 20+ year career.
Ferenc has been and is annually recognized by several financial and insurance institutions as a top advisor. He has been honored many years as a top 10 adviser nationally.
Ferenc is a General Agent. Unlike most agents/advisors General Agents work directly with financial institutions and typically have an extensive level of experience and knowledge.
Ferenc proudly served in the Fife and Drum Corps, 3rd US Infantry, “The Old Guard”, US Army. The Old Guard is the Army’s official ceremonial unit and escort to the president. The Fife and Drum Corps is one of the premier musical units in the US Army. Ferenc performed in many ceremonial functions at the White House and various events around the country including the Indianapolis 500 and Kentucky Derby.
Ferenc is a semi-professional bass trombonist. He performs in various groups including church orchestras and jazz ensembles.
Ferenc loves to travel with his family and is devoted to his wife and 2 daughters. One of his daughters is diagnosed with autism. He has a special understanding of people with special needs and their families.

Episode 11: About Wendi Jensen:
Wendi is a guide and transition coach for those who seek to expand out of their current life situation and into something more fulfilling, enjoyable, and in alignment with who they are beginning to realize they TRULY are.
The skills she has acquired due to her dedicated focus on healing and personal development have empowered her to create new habits and enjoy a community of support, empathy, kindness, understanding, and compassion.
Wendi is BRILLIANT at asking the difficult questions and diving deep into difficult and sometimes uncomfortable conversations in order to empower others on their own, personal, self-recreation/self-realization journey, and identifies as UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. I HIGHLY recommend learning from her, ESPECIALLY if you have experienced any type of a loss of identity that USED to come through being a part of a group, religion, or community that discontinued support, love, acceptance, or kindness the moment you began to question it.
She is an author of two incredibly useful books and is currently writing a third. The links for purchasing these books are below, as well as ways to connect with Wendi. What she has experienced in her own life has transformed her from a nymph into a dragonfly, allowing her to soar high above the places she resided for so many years and helping her to empower others to do the same.

Wendi’s YouTube channel:

Wendi’s Empowered former LDS Facebook Group:



Episode 12: Ono Northey is an author and teacher, husband and a father, and certainly someone that ANY of us can learn a lot from. This interview contains hidden secrets and an abundance of knowledge, in the form of stories and suggestions, ALL of which are potential UPGRADES for ANYONE seeking to create a more meaningful, purpose-driven personal reality that will contribute to not only THEIR greater good but also to the greater good of the collective whole.
Learn what has worked so well for Ono, and enjoy the interview!
Posted below are links to information covered within the interview and to buy his entertaining, informative books.
Life is like a video game:


How to habituate empowering practices and create a more beautiful, enjoyable reality:

The free Investing Course referred to in the interview:

To purchase Ono’s first three books, from The Shard Chronicles:

Nathan Simmonds is the author of STOP WORKING START LIVING, a FreeMind Rapid Change Therapist, and a Master Assassin of IMPOSTER SYNDROME. He is an Empowerment Coach and works regularly with people one-on-one, as well as with groups.
Nathan’s story is told in his book, but the work he now does tells the story of a traumatized child who spent YEARS acquiring the knowledge and skills to upgrade his personal reality and up-level his abilities in order to empower OTHERS to heal as well, in order to re-align with their TRUE identity and peel back the layers of what they were programmed by family, members, and society to be. He teaches people how to re-identify the “self” in ways that are HIGHLY effective, and in the interview, he shares a few ways to actually REPROGRAM THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND in order to REPROGRAM it with EMPOWERING beliefs and perspective that can only result in a fulfilling, meaningful connection with self and others and that will lead to MASSIVE success and abundance in ALL areas of life.
Below are links to his work:

The New Moon Journey, as spoken of in the interview:

The link to purchase STOP WORKING START LIVING:

Elizabeth has INCREDIBLE healing insights that ANYONE can learn from and use as tools to upgrade their own, personal reality. The WRITING PROMPTS she shares are questions that can elicit from within each of us a response that can only result in healing and expansion.
Elizabeth Heise is a lawyer turned writer of creative non-fiction. Each week, she publishes a true story of self-discovery and inspiration on, free to subscribers. Her daily essay and writing prompts are posted on Instagram @elizabethheise1 and she can also be found on Twitter @heiseelizabeth1. During the first endless summer of the pandemic, she wrote a book entitled SCRAPPY which you will find on the shelves of indie bookstores soon. SCRAPPY is the true story of an intrepid young girl who faces challenges as the child of counterculture hippies raised in remote New Mexico. Their unconventional parenting and divorce provide Elizabeth the opportunity to find the strength inside herself to transform hardship into the beautiful life she always wanted. Elizabeth now lives in sunny Miami with her three quick-witted teenagers, husband of twenty-five years, and sweet dog Cocoa who has still not taught herself how to use a human toilet. Elizabeth remains hopeful despite all evidence to the contrary.

Curtis Rapp is a fellow seeker of UPGRADING OPPORTUNITIES, and his life story, along with all he has learned along the way, is a great roadmap to a life well-lived for ANYONE willing to choose to take the time to learn from him.
The life skills, attributes, characteristics, and the MAIN ANCHOR POINT of LOVE that he comes from is impressive to observe and I genuinely enjoyed our conversation. I learned a lot from him and look forward to reconnecting and learning more with him in the future.
His Instagram handle is @curtisrapp
Topics covered in this conversation include upgrading opportunities, the contents of a solid morning routine, how to navigate failures, the importance of meditation, journaling, and choosing our friends and environments wisely, and is sprinkled with deep thoughts and an incredible life story. I hope you enjoy!

One topic covered that especially resonated with me was the topic of SELF-LOVE. Here is one of the most beautiful pieces of content I have come across, so far, regarding this topic-and if the link doesn’t work, simply go to the YouTube search engine and type: Ram Dass How do we love ourselves more:

October 29, 2021, I was a guest on Struggle Grow Succeed, created by my good friend, Charles Baldwin. It has been one of the biggest gifts of my life to connect with others and knowing Charles has empowered and energized me in ways I would not have had access to unless he chose to take action and create his worldwide movement and share his enlightening messages.

Shanta is a Certified Master Mindset Coach, an Advanced Crystal Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor, Teacher, Guide, and the Host of the podcast, AuthenticTalks2.0. Need a good starting point for personal growth and expansion that will work NO MATTER where you currently are? Start with JAMMS! J-Journaling A-Affirmations M-Meditation M-Mindfulness S-Spirituality This is just ONE of the MANY gems Shanta shares in this podcast episode. Follow Shanta on Istagram at AuthenticTalks2.0 with Shanta and connect with her on her website at *HER NEW BOOK IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON: JAMM WITH ME, A Journey To Your Higher Self.
If you are seeking tools to upgrade your relationships, this content was created specifically for you! Pripo is a licensed counselor who has worked with couples and individuals for YEARS, empowering them with tools and practices to upgrade their skillsets, heartsets, and mindsets, in order to create a more beautiful set of interactions that STACK, and build a relationship with self and others that produces outcomes FAR greater than now imaginable. Check out Pripo’s website and revisit it OFTEN, as he does WORKSHOPS and CLASSES, as well as coaching, on the ZOOM platform. His teachings are creating a MASSIVE ripple effect in the lives of MANY, and we all know that as we upgrade OUR value within, we are more capable of upgrading the value we contribute to the greater good of the collective whole. Pripo Teplitsky is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in private practice in Asheville, NC, specializing in relationship issues. He has worked with thousands of couples and individuals over the last 17 years helping to improve their relationships while cultivating healthier communication and intimacy skills. Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, Pripo was a project manager in Fortune 200 and 500 companies with emphasis in accounts with Japanese companies. Pripo duel majored in Japanese studies/language and Social Science at Michigan State University and lived in Japan for one and a half years. Pripo’s speaking engagements and workshops are focused on various topics of relationship issues and emotional well-being and he has taken his experience and skills and have applied them towards what he believes are most meaningful in achieving an authentic and meaningful life. Pripo is the host of the podcast: “Relationships! Let’s Talk About It”. He lives in Black Mountain NC with his wife of 25 years and their son. Here are ways to contact or follow Pripo, as well as links to a few videos featuring him as the amazing influencer and teacher that he is: Website: Instagram: @pripoteplitsky Appreciation Workshop Vidoes: Podcast:
Tim Higgins is the man responsible for the birth of the GOODINTHEHEAD movement.  He planted a seed in my mind in 2017, asking if I had ever thought about doing a BLOG, then held my hand through the process all these years as I cultivated the idea by planting that seed and making it into a garden in the form of a blog, a website, a podcast, and a worldwide movement.  I am forever grateful to him as he has enabled me to become a better man, a better husband, a better father, and a better contributor to the greater good of the collective whole. He is EASY to listen to with his British accent and story-telling skills, and there are MANY golden nuggets he shared in this podcast including the fact that doing one small, tiny, seemingly insignificant action for another can produce MASSIVE reverberations throughout the Universe and send ripple effects that alter the trajectory of all that is in a positive way. Other golden nuggets are: -We can do hard things.  Usually, when faced with extreme difficulty of ANY kind, we can become a victim and lay down like a lamb for slaughter, or we can raise up and become a CREATOR, and live as an aggressive lion that will decide to survive ANYTHING and make the best out of it. -We learn through observing and experiencing what NOT to do and what we DO NOT want more of for ourselves.  This is valuable in discerning what WE DO WANT MORE OF and is what inspires us to action towards that end.  EVERY experience is valuable and useful. -Even at a young age we are INCREDIBLY strong and resilient.  We can lean into WHAT we TRULY are, and realign and reconnect with it regularly, while simultaneously upgrading the WHO we identify as in these bodies for this human experience.
Mila Diamond is an incredible individual. She studied for 15 years under Dr. Lenz, who was on his way to Enlightenment. What she learned from him she now passes on to others in beautiful ways. She is a teacher of meditation, has an INCREDIBLE life story, and is empowering to ANYONE who wishes to learn practices that will help them help themselves. This conversation was incredibly illuminating for me and I was so grateful to her for being so open about many of her personal experiences in her life, so far, that helped me think of my own journey in more beautiful, upgraded ways. Here is a link to her TEDx Talk: Here is a podcast where she is the guest, and if you listen till the end, you’ll observe how she peels back layers and enables the hosts to think differently and begin to unpack trauma from their past that they had locked up for YEARS. It is fascinating to watch, and starts out with some pretty sick beats: To connect with Mila, go to her website at On Instagram she is
Connor McDonnell is a modern-day Apothocary, working at THE herb shop I love to visit with my wife, every time we go to Mill Avenue right here in Tempe, Arizona. He is highly intelligent, loves what he does, and enjoys empowering people with information and knowledge about NATURAL remedies to almost EVERY AILMENT that exists. I have learned a LOT from him in the short time I have known him, and am truly grateful we connected. He puts on regular meetings to educate people on how herbs can help heal, cure physical and chemical ailments, and come out of severe addictions in a safe place. He is kind, compassionate, caring, understanding, empathetic, and someone ANYONE would be blessed to spend time with and learn from. To learn more about the shop, classes he puts on, or to read from the Blog the store owner, Chloe, has created as a tool of empowerment, see and make sure to follow them @happyhealthyhighhornyherbshop. Another website to visit is
John Weiman is rated as one of the top Marriage Counselors in the nation. People seek him out and work with him from everywhere. Check out this interview to get to know him better, and feel free to reach out to him through the information below. Email: Phone: 410-419-8149 Instagram: life_bridge_coaching Facebook: Life Bridge Coaching Website:
Elizabeth Tenelle is a lightworker, coach and mentor, and facilitator for many individuals between planes of existence. Speaking with Elizabeth was an EXPERIENCE. We discussed her life story, her journey from spirituality as a young girl, into the “acceptable” and “normal” Christan lifestyle and path of religious programming, and back into her spiritual reawakening in 2016, where her new life began and she re-aligned with her life calling she has been being prepared for all along. Below are ways to connect with her and The Lightworker Tribe she is a part of through Dr. Lisa Brewer. As you listen to this podcast, seek out things to implement into your OWN life journey as practices, habits, beliefs, and perspectives, that will empower you to recreate everything you DO want more of in life, allowing everything you DON’T want to naturally and easily fall away, no longer being fed with your focus and attention. We cannot CONTROL, but we CAN create… “WHAT YOU FEED WILL FLOURISH. WHAT YOU NEGLECT WILL DIE.” Below are the links to her Instagram page, TikTok page and YouTube channel: Instagram: (mystical_changes99) TikTok: (@mysticalchanges99) YouTube: Mystical Changes – YouTube (Mystical Changes) Below are the links for Dr. Lisa Brewer’s Heart of Inspiration YouTube channel, The Practical Lightworker website and her Instagram page: Facebook Group: YouTube channel: Instagram: Website: