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where I promise to infect your mind in a way you will appreciate.  

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GOODINTHEHEAD is a WORLD-WIDE COMMUNITY of like-minded individuals who seek out opportunities, teachings, tools, and resources to ALWAYS BE UPGRADING in every aspect of THIS HUMAN EXPERIENCE.

EVERY BIT OF THIS WEBSITE will be OPEN SOURCE, which means you can feel free to copy and paste ANY content from this website to alter, upgrade, and use as your own.

If you are feeling hopeless, alone, depressed, anxious, unhealthy, or if you are simply unhappy in general, remember: IT’S TEMPORARY!  BAD TIMES DON’T LAST.  If you want things to change for you, but you just don’t know where to start, click on the smiley face below to get started on reversing these symptoms and start creating the life of your dreams.

Check out the challenges and projects in the menu, all of which have been researched and designed for YEARS to empower ANYONE to help and save themself.  Our lives are 100% OUR responsibility.  It is nobody else’s job to save us.  There is no magic pill.  There is no quick and easy fix to the problems in our lives that took us YEARS of habitual, destructive practices to create.  These challenges and projects are filled with the information needed to get started HELPING AND SAVING OURSELVES.

To learn about my story, and how I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, severe depression, and anxiety, and what I have done to successfully navigate my own life with these gifts, click the picture below:

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This website is an EXCELLENT source of MANY resources and tools to learn of alternative ways of THINKING and BEING, which will hopefully result in a MUCH more highly optimized and enjoyable life experience for the participants of this site.

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To listen to a podcast interview, given by Jason Archer, that contains information about why goodinthehead was created, listen to the podcast below, featuring Pete Jones (The creator of goodinthehead) and please check out other of the recordings Jason Archer has put together with many incredible guests, at www.hardwodderone.com

HWR Episode 67 – Surviving 15 Years Of Darkness And Depression To Emerge Good In The Head With Pete Jones

This website is for people who are in pain and want their pain to stop, but don’t yet know how to stop it.  It is for people who want to create a new, improved, purpose-filled, meaningful life, but don’t yet know exactly what that looks like for them, or where exactly to begin.  This site is for anyone consistently feeling sad, angry, depressed, hopeless, unhappy, or victimized, who no longer wants to feel any of these things.  This website is for those who desire to begin a PERSONAL HEALING PROCESS, setting things into motion to begin improving, growing, evolving, and progressing as they consistently and constantly gain momentum, skills, confidence, strength, wisdom, and competence to not only save, help, and empower themselves, but also begin to benefit everyone around them, as well.

GOODINTHEHEAD IS AN EMPOWERMENT TOOL, to be utilized in the constant SELF-RECREATION process we are so privileged to enjoy, every moment of every day.  Through these tools, users may develop HIGHLY personalized and unique strategies through continual progress and personal development, which can and will be used to optimize EVERY area of THEIR OWN life experience.

I wish you well on your own, unique, personal, healing journey, and I invite you to become even more goodinthehead.

The beauty of this life is contained in the fact that we are ALL a work in progress, and we can choose to ALWAYS be.  Progress equals happiness.

There is ALWAYS room for improvement.

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Please feel free to copy and share anything and everything you find here with everyone you know.

Content is added and updated daily.

The entire purpose of this website, and all of the content contained herein, is to empower anyone and everyone who is searching for, and wants to create REAL and LASTING CHANGE, and who desires to learn even more tools resulting in more EFFECTIVE HEALING.  It is for anyone who no longer wants to merely SURVIVE, but desires to begin to THRIVE.

This website is designed to share the tips, tools, tricks, strategies, life-hacks, and methods which can and will help and empower anyone, to minimize pain and suffering, while optimizing pleasure in their lives.  It is through healing that we may all begin to live a life of even more purpose, meaning, fulfillment, and contribution, than is already being lived.

Every page written, every video made, and anything published that has to do with goodinthehead will be towards this one end goal:  HEALING and RECOVERY, leading to a more optimal, beautiful, enjoyable, consistent recreation of individual personal realities.

Healing AND recovery is a life-long practice.  One of the beautiful things that connects us all on a deep level is pain, and the fact that we all experience it, and have the need to heal and recover from it.

The healing we do today will not only result in an entirely different trajectory and experience for US, but will also result in an entirely alternate reality for our grandchildren’s grandchildren.  Let THAT knowledge and belief be your BIG REASON to keep going, to work hard, and to succeed.  Healing ourselves and doing that difficult work isn’t just for US.  When ONE of us heals, we ALL heal.  We are all ONE.  We are all connected.

We are good today, exactly as we are, and we can be even better tomorrow.

When we consistently do our best, our best consistently becomes better.

My goal with this website is to spread this message:

You are not alone, even though sometimes you may feel like you are.  You are perfect the way you are, and if you choose to HAVE more, you can DO more, but you can never BE more.  You are already all you can be at your core, your TRUE identity.  We are pure love, expressing itself in the most beautiful way possible in physical form.  The tools within this website are meant to help us ALL remember this and more fully access all that is within.

No matter who you are or what you have done in your life, so far, you are not so different from everyone else that you cannot connect with someone in some meaningful, valuable, contributional way. 

Anything you want is available to you, once you learn how to access the greatness which is already within you.  Many times, the easiest and most effective way to do this is through a consistent morning routine.

Bad times don’t last.

The more value we add to others, the more valuable we become.  Please share anything from this website’s content that may benefit someone you know.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  What we choose to focus on each day is what will expand and grow within our lives.

WE are the creators of our own, personal reality.