Aren’t these human bodies INCREDIBLE? It is amazing to know what we DO know, and there is still SO MUCH information about these human bodies that we get to discover EVERY DAY.

Scientists and researchers all around the world work CONSTANTLY in an effort to learn more, discovering the limitless ways is which we can optimize EVERY aspect of our PERSONAL Human Existence, as well as how we can COLLECTIVELY, AS A WHOLE, optimize this Human Experience for EVERYONE.

There are limitless ways to view the human body, and as we upgrade our perspectives of our bodies, and choose to see in in different, useful ways, we automatically-WITHOUT EFFORT-also upgrade our enjoyment and fulfillment levels within our personal reality, which CONSTANTLY contributes to the overall re-creation of all that is, in an energetic, spiritual, and physical ways.

EVERY THOUGHT, WORD, and ACTION INSTANTLY CREATES, sending waves in patterns that have been discovered and can now be detected through technological advancements. ALL of that which is created, or is constantly being RE-CREATED, correlates with the thought patterns, speech patterns, and actions WE CHOOSE. This can be an empowering truth to discover and experiment with, that WE are the creators of this physical, energetic, and virtual reality that we are constantly interacting with through these amazing bodies and that WE ARE IN CHARGE OF THIS HUMAN EXPERIENCE.

FEELING DEFEATED? Re-read this last paragraph for a reminder.

FEELING HOPELESS? Re-visit these truths as often as possible, even if it means setting alarms throughout the day to remind yourself of WHAT you TRULY ARE, as you continue to work towards upgrading the WHO you identify as while in this particular human body.

I have been doing it for a few years now, and it is SUPER useful as a person practice to set alarms throughout the day as a reminder of all I DO want to create, and all I DO want to focus on, think about, energize, and manifest even MORE of.


Imagine, for a moment, with your eyes closed, the four sides of a pyramid. In your mind’s eye, produce a flat space on top of this pyramid, and place upon it a lighthouse. Within this lighthouse, imagine a generator, which must be tended to DAILY, in order to recharge the batteries next to it in order to operate effectively throughout each night, keeping the ships safe, that would surely be dashed upon the cliffs without the presence of this pyramid and the lighthouse atop of it, lit well enough and shining brightly enough to produce fair warning to anyone or anything that comes within a hundred miles of it.

Let us even go as far to say that because of your lighthouse you have created, and the INCREDIBLY bright light produced from within it that shines and it emitted and transmitted from within, that ALL THAT IS, is eventually touched and affected by it, forever altering the trajectory of ALL THAT IS in ways that produce ripple-effects and realities FAR more optimized through the beauty, luminescence, and brightness of this lighthouse only YOU could have constructed and produced in your mind’s eye.

Commit to this lighthouse and the pyramid underneath it. Can you see just HOW MUCH GOOD you are doing through projection and transmission of this beautiful and powerful light? YOU created this image through which you are reaching and altering ALL THAT IS, right here and right now.

A keystone is defined as a central stone at the summit of an arch, locking the whole together. It can also be defined as the central principle or part of a policy, system, etc., on which all else depends. For example, “cooperation remains the keystone of the government’s security policy. It is the one thing that holds EVERYTHING else together. Depicted below is a visual example of a keystone within an arch, which if removed would destroy the entire arch:

Imagine that the four sides of the pyramid supporting your lighthouse you constructed atop of it is PERFECTLY constructed with steps, leading anyone who wants to visit your lighthouse from the very bottom to the very top. Anyone that wants to reach that lighthouse has some work ahead of them, depending upon how high your pyramid is. Let’s get FANCY with our creation and make the pyramid of SOLID GOLD, and INCREDIBLY heavy. Each of the four sides to your pyramid are perfectly symmetrical, and the inside of the pyramid is hallow, seemingly empty. Any defect within each of these four sides would render the pyramid ineffective and would topple the pyramid INSTANTLY. Thus, we can conclude the IMPORTANCE of the construction, the symmetry, and the alignment and balance put into each side.






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