The physical keystone is all about the BODY, and anything and everything that is part of its physical structure and makeup, including EVERYTHING from the atoms contained within each individual cell, to each individual organ and body part, to the entirety of the body as a whole.

As I write this, I am laying on my bed with an ice pack underneath my neck for support, in an effort to diminish the extreme amount of pain I have been experiencing for the past two weeks. I have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and severe arthritis. I experience flair-ups caused by inflammation or energetic blocks within the chakra points throughout my body, in accordance with the emotions I am repressing or not allowing to flow through me. As I keep these emotions locked inside by not letting go of the energies within my thoughts and emotions constantly produced by them, the emotions become encased and housed within different chakra points throughout my body and manifest in the physical realm as physical pain within my body.

According to my current understanding, which WILL upgrade as I continue to study, read about, and upgrade my knowledge about these topics, each chakra point within our bodies is directly affected by different topics we think about, and as we learn to energetically let go of what is “gunking up” or blocking up the chakra and not allowing the energy to flow freely through the chakra system, from the bottom to the top and out of the 7th chakra up at the top of our heads, we are less effective at producing the energy NECESSARY to fill up and replenish the battery packs that will later provide the energy for our lighthouse at the top of our pyramid, resulting in a potentially dangerous situation for AL THAT IS, which is ALWAYS dancing off in the distant waters and ALWAYS approaching our lighthouse.

Dr. John Sarno, M.D. dedicated YEARS of his life researching and sharing information on EXACTLY how to open ourselves up to a constant, steady, healthy flow that resulted in IMMEDIATE HEALING for MANY people who were diagnosed with EVERY physical ailment and disease. He put on numerous workshops (which continue on through his students still, today, regardless of the dropping of his OWN physical, human body and his passing from this physical realm to the next on June 22 of 2017,) and shared his research on these topics in MANY books and on YouTube, through many recordings.

His teaching reveal that what we think and how we perceive of EVERYTHING is a CHOIC, and is daily upgraded through our belief system, and that what we think dictates our emotional responses, and these emotional responses then determine the physical outcomes within our physical bodies, constantly altering our physical interactions we are capable of while IN these bodies. He lays the responsibility of EVERY CREATION 100% and ENTIRELY upon OUR shoulders, which brings me back to MY physical shoulder and neck pain.

For MONTHS, previous to the EXTREME physical pain I began to experience in my neck and shoulders, my wife and I have been listening to hundreds upon hundreds of hours of podcast, audiobooks, and content of our own choosing, which aligned with exactly what we chose to think about, focus upon, and generate more energy about, thereby FEEDING that focus, or energizing our battery banks within the lighthouse we, as individuals have constructed, to later be emitted and transmitted out to ALL THAT IS. Everything we have been thinking and emotionalizing, we have been energetically transmitting to everyone around us each and every night (or each and every waking moment,) sharing with others through what we talk and write about, and DIRECTLY EFFECTING our every action and interaction with Self, others, and ALL THAT IS, within the physical world.

We are both INCREDIBLY blessed to be able to listen to HOURS of content while working, but once we listen to ANYTHING, our minds are swayed in the direction of where that content leads to, and MOMENTUM IS GAINED. Just like the logarithms have been designed and coded within social media platforms to feed us MORE content similar to that which we are interested in, SO IT IS WITH THE HUMAN MIND. The RAS (Reticular Activating System) is a physical component installed in our Brain that sits behind the amygdala. It’s job is to ONLY see and pay attention to that which is similar to what we are currently thinking about. Out of the 40 BILLION bits of information available to us EACH SECOND, it only allows in and confirms that which we tell it to by WHAT WE CHOOSE TO THINK ABOUT.

We researched and were exposed to some REALLY DARK CONTENT. It’s entirely possible that ALL of it is true, or BONE of it is true. Maybe only SOME of it is true, and much of it is intentional MIS-information. This is where THE SPIRITUAL KEYSTONE comes in handy, and we get to practice SILENCE, and LISTENING TO OUR INTUITION. WE get to decide what is truth for US, and allow our RAS to get to work, while we do our best to remain OPEN, not allowing our natural tendencies towards CONFIRMATION BIAS to take over…

The unfinished, incomplete product of this darkness we researched can be found in The goodinthehead Blog, entitled, IS IT TOO LATE?

As a result of mentally and emotionally internalizing this darkness, which took MONTHS to compile and accumulate, along with a workplace that MANDATED and REQUIRED us to choose to receive the Covid Vaccine in order to retain employment, rather than seeking employment elsewhere, something interesting happened:

The slight pain in my neck began to expand EXPONENTIALLY just a few days after our first shot. The first two days after the shot, we had fevers and laid in bed, trying to recover. Thankfully, my wife recovered fully within the first week.

I, however, did not.

It is almost as if the vaccine sought out my most vulnerable spots within my body, just like STRESS does, and ATTACKED IT-simply doing it’s job in order to draw attention to my weaknesses in order that I noticed the indicators and sought either medication to distract me from the pain and dull ALL KEYSTONES, or to seek natural remedies in order to BECOME STRONGER.

*As a side note, medications were created to MASK symptoms within our physical bodies, dulling the ability to receive information. These medications dull ALL FOUR KEYSTONES’ abilities to receive information.

PAIN IS A BLESSING. We may not WANT this “blessing,” but WE ALL NEED THIS BLESSING. Pain is an indication that something has gone awry, and needs IMMEDIATE attention for the pain to be unblocked within the energetic chakras and the physical area of the body. If we don’t pay attention, THE FOUR KEYSTONES WILL SUFFER UNTIL WE DO PAY ATTENTION.

Physically, I have been rendered almost USELESS and DISABLED. Fortunately, I have been exploring and experimenting with as many upgrading tools as possible, within ALL FOUR KEYSTONE AREAS, and while I suffer physically at my own hand, self-perpetuating the suffering, the OTHER keystone areas still thrive, and I have tools set in place to use to RE-ALIGN, RE-CALIBRATE, and KEEP GOING.

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