IS IT TOO LATE? I don’t think so…

What in the world will it take?

When people consistently do what is ONLY in THEIR best interest, and NEVER in the best interest of the collective whole, it leads to problems, corruption, division, suffering for the majority, and a continuation and perpetuation of laws being passed by a corrupt and broken system that will ONLY serve those in control.

If we do not re-unify, stand together, and figure out something BETTER for EVERYONE, instead of just what is currently acceptable because it has been continuously programmed into us from birth, we are doomed.

We get more of what we tolerate, and we DESERVE more of what we allow.

WE are to blame for these current set of circumstances. WE are in charge of making it better. WE are to blame for everything going wrong in the world because WE CHOSE TO BELIEVE THE LIES THAT HAVE BEEN DESTROYING THIS ECONOMY AND THE LIVES OF MILLIONS FOR YEARS.

MILLIONS are STARVING TO DEATH each year. There is plenty for everyone, but the very few at the top of the current economic pyramid scheme keeps it out of the hands of those who need it most.

There HAS to be a better way…

There is SO MUCH information out there. FAR more MIS-information exists. WHAT IS THE TRUTH?!? What are the BEST sources of ACTUAL truth?

I say we start taking a look at those whose credibility has been most questioned and destroyed for speaking out. Those who have been forced or intimidated to remain quiet may actually be the ones we NEED to be listening to…

SO MANY people have died mysteriously or committed suicide or even been assassinated over the years when they have opposed the system. It is certainly ONE way to do things.


While owns the world? Who are these Ultra Elite that are so powerful and so in control that own governments and have it ALL while SO MANY SUFFER?

After watching this, I wrote a letter from the perspective of one of the Elite, to the “normal,” general population:


It’s too late.  There is NOTHING you can do. Sure-there may be BILLIONS of you, but we have strategically implemented our plans for world domination for DECADES.  We own the banks that fund the governments of the world, the armies that enforce the laws that serve our agenda, the police that punish you for not doing EXACTLY as we please, the media that constantly and repetitiously programs you to believe whatever we want you to, and we thank you for working so hard and paying for it ALL, for the illusion of safety and wealth that we decided to allow you to temporarily enjoy to keep you placated, temporarily satisfied, and weak, slumbering and busy surviving and slaving away to make a fraction of what you deserved as we enjoyed the fruits of your labors.  Yes, we are smarter than you, and yes, we are stronger and better than you, IN EVERY WAY.  As you continue to destroy yourselves and one another, we will watch, entertained and safe in our towers and behind bullet-proof glass, as you burn down the world we no longer need in order to begin anew and start The NEW WORLD ORDER, living a life of abundance, luxury,  and wealth that you could never even imagine.  You pitiful creatures, drugged by our poisons we secretly put into your foods and water supply to make you ill so that we could sell you the idea of “being cured,” only to give you a temporary fix to make you dependent upon the “cure,” which causes more problems from which we AND ONLY WE can save you.  To you who we have rendered hopeless by the fear we have mass-produced for you-best wishes to you as you struggle to survive while we flourish!  The anxiety and depression and mental illness MOST of you now suffer through was EASY foe us to create as you continuously bought into our EVERY LIE that you needed to DO more to BE more, and as we have confused and distracted you ALL from your true nature.  From your BIRTH we have sold you lies to ensure generation of OUR offspring would continue on, and YOU BOUGHT THEM ALL.  FOOLS!  WE CONTROL EVERYTHING, and we have for a century.  We know of the wisdom behind the conquering truth of DIVIDE AND CONQUER.  We have eloquently created a social system that consistently and progressively divides you by feeding you more of your extremes, and now you will NEVER become capable of the unity that would be required to taking back all that we have taken from you.  We couldn’t take your guns, but we soon will.  We eliminated your ability to buy ammunition, while we have amassed TRILLIONS of rounds-ALL of which YOU paid for, as your taxes that are taxed have been funneled into amendments within bills too complicated and boring for your inadequate minds to have the desire to EVER research, then we laundered it magically through wars and many countries, out of sight, out of mind, and right under your noses-MANY TIMES AS YOU HELPED US, simply following orders and doing your jobs.  WE HAVE PAID YOU A PITTANCE, but now the time has come to squeeze you completely dry and watch as you suffer to survive and kill one another off to do so.  IMBECILES!  We have over-inundated you for YEARS, simply hiding the truths in plain sight, then discrediting those who find it and try to share it, and eliminate whom ever we deem as a threat, all in the best interest of “the good of the country,” LEGALLY, so that NO ONE will EVER be able to prosecute us.  EVERYTHING in EVERY society has been created exactly as we have wanted it to be, in order to further our plans, as you have scrambled and fought over the scraps we throw you dogs from our tables.  How incredibly entertaining it has truly been to observe you, the lesser class, busy yourselves in your own, pitiful creations, racing for contentment and satisfaction, only to have it all taken away so easily by us from laws we programmed you to enact, by politicians we programmed you to elect, spending money we print to buy products we create to fill the voids we programmed you from birth to believed would be filled with their purchase.  We murder, we rape, we consume what you could never imagine to remain younger and healthier-NONE of which will ever be available to the likes of YOU lot.  We do whatever we want, whenever we want, to whom ever we want, AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.  You tolerate EVERYTHING we do to you, making you to believe that the people you elect will save you, while all the while it is ONLY the people WE want in office that are allowed inside.  YOUR SILENCE IS OUR PERMISSION, and you have given us more permission that we would ever require to do ANYTHING.  As we mass-produce fear-inducing lies that you are habituated to believe, all hope is lost.  There will soon come a day when you will do exactly as you are told, OR YOU WILL STARVE TO DEATH.  We own ALL the resources to produce food.  We own ALL water rights,  we own ALL sources of energy-and we have made laws so that NO ONE will ever be able to take these things from us.  You will join forces with us simply to survive, and will kill ALL who will not comply and obey, even your own neighbors, friends, and family.  Small factions will arise and we will destroy them from afar, with the same technology they helped build with their own hands.

We win. You lose.

It is a bit dark. I was in a dark place. Two days after this, the company I work for, Boeing, who is owned my Blackrock, required us to comply to mandatory vaccines or lose our jobs.

Many of our friends walked away. At this age with health problems and the need for insurance in order to afford necessary procedures to alleviate physical pain induced by working myself almost to death for a system hell-bent on taking all they could from me and my loved ones, all along the way, I decided to do what I didn’t want to, and what I don’t at all agree with, and I got vaccinated. I did it for my loved ones, knowing if I didn’t, it was highly likely I would lose my job, along with the ability to pay for our home, our car, food, comforts, etc.

We were just offered more than DOUBLE the normal asking price for our home. Why? Why would Zillow want our house that badly, and where would they expect us to go? Rent has doubled this last year. Homes are impossibly outrageous to buy and the interest rates have never been lower, which means anyone buying a hone now will NECER be able to refinance, most likely losing their homes. I found out that two of the major investors for Zillow are Blackrock and Vanguard. Interesting. These are two of the companies that are owned by the Ultra Elite . Why are they buying up ALL the homes here in Arizona?

The world is running out of options. We need to unite. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE. There are LIMITLESS options. There are MANY brilliant minds that have solutions to EVERY current problem.

We need to come together and begin the work required to co-create something more optimal for EVERYONE, before it really IS too late.

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