What is stress REALLY doing to our societies, our cities, our countries, and to the inhabitants of this world?  Because of the over-abundance of information, we now have unlimited, unfettered access to, we know that stress negatively affects our immune systems.  CONTINUOUS stress, experienced for months or years, COMPLETELY DESTROYS IT, leaving us totally vulnerable to EVERY disease, and even MORE susceptible to the effects of a diet that may not me most optimal in its nutritional content.

The medical field knows this.  EVERYONE now knows this. 

When they shut down EVERYTHING, except for the largest, wealthiest providers of food, did you question it?  Did you wonder why even GYMS were closed, the place that some of the healthiest bodies go on a regular basis to STAY healthy?  We watched with sadness as the prices of food raised up, minimum wage was raised, and in order for “fast-food” establishments to stay in business, some of them had to TRIPLE their prices.  So many of the smaller, “mom-and-pop” placed folded or went under because they COULDN’T survive.  Anyone who tried to stay open received fines, incurred legal fees, and were FORCED to close, some of them actually having the doors to their businesses they refused to close CHAINED with the presence of armed police. 

OUR SILENCE IS THEIR PERMISSION.  Our comforts have caused us to become complacent and complicit.  WE are the problem.  We get more of what we tolerate AND WE DESERVE MORE OF WHAT WE ALLOW.

We were all told and programmed repeatedly through “day-time” programming in disguise as NEWS to stay indoors and to stay away from people for our own well-being, yet Wal Mart remained opened for business.  So did companies that are owned by the government’s Department of Defense.  We were lucky to keep working, while SO MANY of our friends and family members lost their jobs, their vehicles, their homes, and their lifestyles.  The housing market rose to IMPOSSIBLE prices for most people to compete with or participate in, and interest rates dropped, so that the banking system will soon be able to raise the interest rates back up and continue to amass all of the properties and lands that are no longer able to be paid for.

The most interesting thing to watch was how content-providers, podcasters, and people of influence who OPPOSED the GREATER GOOD OF THE COLLECTIVE FEW, in an effort to inspire and educate everyone possible for the GREATER GOOD OF THE COLLECTIVE WHOLE have been shut down, crucified on social media and the news, and made to look stupid-and most of these individuals of such great influence are BRILLIANT!  Joe Rogan and Nicki Manaj are a few examples that come to mind, this 17th day of September, 2021.

Gaslighting has become a common practice, used by ALL who have opposing views, and freedoms are slowly, consistently being taken away as mandates are put into place and we are faced with IMMINENT SUFFERING if we do not comply and conform.

PAY ATTENTION to those influencers that are most persecuted and condemned by the media!  It is highly likely that THOSE are the messages we need to be hearing the most.

The presence of FEAR is a requirement in order to control the masses.  FEAR is a result of SUFFERING, be it IMAGINED SUFFERING or ACTUAL SUFFERING.

What can we do?  One great piece of advice I have heard is to STOP TERRORIZING YOURSELF WITH YOUR THOUGHTS!  How?  There are MANY practices we can research, learn about, implement, and enjoy the results of.  WE are the composers of our own, personal INNER harmony, yet we are CONSTANTLY bombarded by the media, being programmed to experience STRESS through PERCIEVED FEAR. 

One of the greatest successes of this life will be experienced by us as individuals as soon as we begin to practice PEACE and HARMONY WITHIN, amidst this world of turmoil and chaos.

Ever heard of Victor Frankl?  He somehow survived the Nazi concentration camps then later wrote a book containing his detailed story called, MAN’S SEARCH FOR MEANING.  Within this book are MANY tools and ideas to experiment with that lead to successfully navigating EXTREME trauma and stress.

I wish you well in your life journey.  I hope you choose to pay attention to what is going on, and NOT be like I have been for my ENTIRE LIFE-lulled into complacency in the absence of suffering, in a world where MOST of the inhabitants have suffered for decades and centuries.

What happens when OUR power is shut off?  What happens when OUR water stops running?  What happens when OUR rights are taken away, LEGALLY, by laws put into place that we don’t even know about so that the government can use the police and military force to ensure they get their way?  They were unable to take away our guns, so they bought and closed all the manufacturing plants that made bullets, while they amassed MILLIONS of hollow-point rounds for themselves. 

It is now easy to begin connecting the dots and following a trail that leads to the top, where all of the wealth and abundance resides and has been compiling and amassing for the ELITE FEW.  Where does that leave the rest of us?

STRESSED, SICK, DISPLACED, SUFFERING, HUNGRY, THIRSTY, HOPELESS, SUICIDAL, DEPRESSED, ANXIOUS, and DYING BY THE MILLIONS, just like they have been in India and other parts of the world these last few years.  We may live longer here in America since we have more resources, but suffering is coming, and we have but little time left to prepare-both INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY.

It is those of us who habitually and repeatedly practice AND UPGRADE our emotional intelligence, critical thinking skills, and purposeful non-conformance and individuality that will be okay, for the simple reason that our immune systems will outlast the immune systems of others who are constantly allowing themselves to remain is a state of stress.


A few INCREDIBLE podcasts on YouTube that share useful, truthful information that empower listeners to improve health are:







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