I never knew the value in being alone, until I intentionally committed to a time spent completely alone, in no commitment or relationship.  I thought I would unravel, but what I discovered changed EVERYTHING.  There is magic to be found within moments of quiet solitude.

A person that is not dependent upon anyone else for love, validation, acceptance, or appreciation is one of the most attractive individuals alive.To stay in a damaging relationship because we fear loneliness may be an indicator that we NEED to be alone, and do the work to peel back the layers and FIND or REDISCOVER OURSELVES.

There is nothing wrong with being alone.  There is nothing wrong with taking time out to rediscover or remember what WE need to be fulfilled, while, and complete, WITHOUT another person telling us what THEY think that is.

There is no stronger individual than the one that can stand alone amidst the judgements, criticisms, expectations, wishes, and desires of others and remember who they are and what THEY are all about.
TRUE beauty comes from uniqueness in expression, not conformity and compliance.

The keys to love, wholeness, and completeness cannot be found in the hands of OTHERS.  These keys reside within US, as individuals.  Once we realize this, and do the inner work to be whole and complete within OURSELVES, we may continue to seek all we think we need from OTHERS, and this can be a dangerous, habitual practice.

EVERYTHING we truly need is already within us all.
Reminder to self:  YOU’VE GOT THIS!  No matter WHAT comes, everything will unfold EXACTLY as it needs to for the greater good of the collective whole.  Keep going.  Keep doing what you are doing.

To begin creating momentum in the direction of everything we DO want, it is necessary for us to first slow down the momentum of all we are thinking, speaking, and doing that contributes to the momentum of all that we DO NOT want, so that we can reverse the direction of our creations.

It is INCREDIBLY helpful to practice getting over disappointments of the past by focusing upon our hopes, wishes, and dreams of the future we MOST desire.

It is AMAZINGLY useful to get over the anger that we feed within us each time we re-live a moment of our history that caused us anger by focusing on LOVE. Loving actions extinguish rage. The less angry we are, the more love we are. Identifying AS LOVE is NEVER a step in the wrong direction.

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