THRIVE-What will it take for ALL of us to THRIVE?

THRIVE – What on earth will it take for ALL of us to truly THRIVE?

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Each day is a BATTLE!  I am CONSTANTLY bombarded by things brought into my life experience that tempt me to react in anger, bitterness, contempt, stress, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness.  With all of the chaos that is present in the world, and with how easily it is accessed, viewed, shared, and tries to program us in certain ways to energize itself, it is a PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to practice remaining at peace and contentedness within, to identify AS love, and to habitually create an inner environment that manifests into reality within the physical realm we all operate within while in these human bodies.

As many of you may know, I have taken advantage of the opportunity as a factory worker to listen to eight to ten hours of content EVERY DAY while I work.  I am VERY intentional and decisive about ALL of the content I choose to allow to listen to and reverberate within my mind, and this practice has quickly replaced the ITTY-BITTY SHITTY COMMITTEE that once ruled my every thought and recreation, both INNER and OUTER. 

Because of this one habit, the results of the consistent upgrades I have chosen have resulted in a constant up-leveling of my awareness, knowledge, beliefs, perspectives, and habits.  This constant up-leveling has consistently led to upgraded LIFE EXPERIENCES, which have been INCREDIBLY beautiful and enjoyable for not only ME but EVERYONE that I am around. 

THIS IS AVAILABLE TO ANYONE.  At first, it is difficult.  As traction is acquired, and as momentum is gained, it gets easier and easier to do ANYTHING.  What is it YOU want and desire after the most?  For me, it is the consistently up-leveling and upgrading of certain aspects and areas of my life, and so I make sure to ONLY focus on content, quotes, perspectives, conversations, places, people, circumstances, and situations that serves THAT purpose.  With these acquired upgrades in skills, knowledge, and practices that I choose to play with, experiment with, implement, and then only keep the most USEFUL and EFFECTIVE of them, I share as many empowering, hopeful messages and bits of content with everyone I possibly can through social media, hoping that the momentum of the ripple effects, the domino effect, and the constant snowflakes of positivity will cause an AVALANCHE that is repeated and shared amongst the masses, resulting in a COLLECTIVE upgrade in EVERY aspect of life, thereby allowing consciousness, ITSELF, to continue to inform itself, and learn and grow and upgrade through each and every one of us, FOREVER.

As I am constantly bombarded with things throughout each moment of every day to compete for my energy, attention, focus, and time, I find myself CONSTANTLY needing to remind myself of this hopeful and empowering belief:

ALL things are being unfolded in the perfect way and in the perfect moment in time for the greater good of the collective whole.  ALL THINGS.

This habitual practice of reviewing this belief many times throughout the day reminds me of WHAT I am, as I continue to practice constantly upgrading the WHO I identify as while in this body.  It is a USEFUL TOOL to bring my attention, time, focus, and energy to what I DO want to pay attention to, attract, create and manifest within my personal reality in this physical/virtual realm, leaving me with ZERO time, attention, focus, and energy to attract, create and manifest what OTHERS want me to FOR THEIR BENEFIT AND THEIR BENEFIT ALONE.  In this one way, I believe it is possible for ALL of us to create a more beautiful, enjoyable, and beneficial world for ALL people and things to enjoy, rather than ONLY creating and manifesting abundance, beauty, and enjoyment for the FEW, that truly already have it ALL.

I watched a documentary called, THRIVE – What in the world will it take.  CURRENTLY, it is FREE on YouTube.  I hope it doesn’t get taken down.  It accurately and truthfully outlined some factual evidence, ALL of which is backed by eight years of research and documents-sources of which are available on the website of the creators of the informative and awakening documentary.  I invite you to take the time to watch it, even if you are not interested at first, to the very end, to be more well-informed of what is TRULY going on in the world today.  Are there conspiracy theories contained in the show?  Yes.  Did a few of the things reviewed sort of turn me off?  Yes.  I AM, however, INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL that I watched it to the end to see possible solutions presented.  It was not easy to get through, but by the end of the show, I was HOPEFUL again, after a day of being bombarded by hopeless information and outlooks.

Here is a current link to the documentary:

Thankfully this documentary was created in 2011, and we can see NOW MORE THAN EVER, all the truth that was contained in it THEN, at THAT time, as we connect the dots through our collective past to this present moment and realize the possibility and the plausibility and accuracy of it all. 

By now, we ALL know that there are a few groups of people in the world that control ALL of the energy, food, and other NECESSARY resources for our survival.  The problem we now face isn’t our governments, each other, or even the extremely hard-working and wealthy.  Our CURRENT crisis is the fact that the BANKERS own EVERYTHING.  It is the ULTRA wealthy and TRULY elite families and individuals that have designed a system of complicated and intricate laws, rules, mandates, and practices programmed into our minds from a very young age, to ONLY BENEFIT THEM THE VERY MOST. 

In this world today, there are FAR too many people starving to death, committing suicide, living hopeless lives, and killing one another for the necessities of life.  It is an INCREDIBLY disheartening and sad situation for ALL of us to observe, but MOST of all for those of us who still enjoy the necessities of life, causing complacency and non-action within us all, as each of us suffers from Survivor’s Guilt and observes the death, mayhem, and destruction of SO MANY of our brothers and sisters.  The world is currently in a PITIFUL state, and rather than run and hide, remain hopeless and fearful, and emit THOSE energies and vibrations that instantaneously contribute to the DETRIMENT of the collective whole, THERE ARE THINGS WE CAN ALL DO to slow that momentum, stop this train of destruction, and reverse direction, TOGETHER. 


Check out the documentary, and I hope you choose to watch it to the VERY END, where ACTUAL SOLUTIONS ARE SHARED THAT WE CAN ALL PARTICIPATE IN.


I may well BE too late.  As individuals, there is SO much we can do on a daily basis that CAN and WILL slow this train of destruction.  INNER PEACE and what we choose to habitually focus upon will alter and up-level the energy at which we operate, empowering us to think more critically and clearly, allowing us to make progressively BETTER choices in what we consume and do throughout each day, and WE WILL UPGRADE AS A COLLECTIVE WHOLE.  Meditation, breathing practices, writing, connecting with others, yoga, prayer, gratitude lists, walks, exercise, nutrition, and MANY other personal practices can be used to up-level our OWN vibrations.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CREATING A DAILY PRACTICE FOR YOURSELF AS SOON AS POSSIBLE that will empower you to navigate the turmoil and chaos of this world we are currently living in.  GO WITHIN and LEARN TO BE AT PEACE.  Learn practices that will ONLY result in your contentment and happiness, NO MATTER WHAT is going on in the outside world.

When we DO THESE THINGS TOGETHER, the energies and vibrations are MAGNIFICENTLY enhanced, grow exponentially and forever, and TOGETHER we can create a better world for EVERYONE, and not just ourselves.

What will you do if the city you live in is shut down yet again, only this time they take away the internet, phone usage, electricity, food, water, and the freedom to go outside into nature or to a gym?

DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES.  Get as prepared as you possibly can-ESPECIALLY WITHIN.  While the world is burning down around us, can you remain stable, hopeful, content, happy, and in a place of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE within?  I suggest that it is possible that we will soon find out, and there is NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT to prepare.

I wrote this last week, after learning I might lose my job and battling feelings of hopelessness, depression, uselessness to the contribution of my personal household and the people I love, and after feeling anger, bitterness, and contempt about the leaders and the system which I have been a contributing member of for MY ENTIRE LIFE.  I knew that if I didn’t share LOVE with everyone, this anger, rage, darkness, and bitterness would take over, and I knew that I didn’t want to operate and create from such a dangerous place.  I hope you share these words with everyone you know so that TOGETHER, we can create and enjoy a FAR more beautiful and amazing reality FILLED WITH LOVE AND ABUNDANCE FOR EVERYONE:

If it is true that consciousness informs itself through its creations, and if it is true that our actual identity IS consciousness, and that we create with every thought, word, and action, then isn’t it a BRILLIANT plan for consciousness to have inserted itself into TRILLIONS of “separate” physical entities and lives within a virtual, physical construct in order to experience life through TRILLIONS of different perspectives, SIMULTANEOUSLY? 

How important is it, then, to be completely authentic, different, and unique?  From this perspective, being a follower of any ONE belief, group, way of thinking, or choosing to conform in ANY way would be INCREDIBLY counter-productive.  As consciousness, temporarily inhabiting a human body to have a human experience, I think it is useful to remember to BE A UNIQUE and ORIGINAL INDIVIDUAL, and to be unapologetic, unashamed, and proud of our differences.

BE HAPPY BEING YOU.  Be the best you that you can be.  Always be upgrading.  Always be learning and practicing what you learn.  Choose to experiment with as many different ways of being that interest you or that you are attracted to.  EXPERIENCE as MANY situations, circumstances, people, things, and lives as you possibly can, within this one lifetime. 

Maybe the secret to quickening the limitless expansion of the collective whole isn’t conformity to only ONE way of being and thinking, and convincing others to strive to be just like us, but rather in EMBRACING OUR DIFFERENCES, and in allowing, accepting, appreciating, and loving UNCONDITIONALLY, ALL THAT IS, AS IT IS.

Much love and peace to you on YOUR own personal, unique, authentic life journey.  Keep going.  Keep doing what you are doing.  You are AMAZING.  You are PERFECT, JUST AS YOU ARE, and while you don’t need to change a thing to be worthy of love, while in this human body you can choose to get EVEN BETTER.  Accept yourself.  Appreciate yourself.  Love yourself.  Remember WHAT you are, as you continue to work on upgrading the WHO you IDENTIFY AS, while in this human form.

I LOVE YOU.  That may sound strange, and we may not know one another in human form, but if someone can HATE another for no reason at all, I am certainly entitled to LOVE another for no reason at all, other than the fact that it is possible that I AM you, and YOU are ME, in our truest form, as CONSCIOUSNESS, simply temporarily infused into separate physical bodies for a short while, soon to be reunited in love and light.

PEACE and COMFORT be with you, throughout the entirety of your life journey.

-Pete Jones

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