This is a personal message to you from a future love-THE ONE that you most desire to be with-YOUR DREAM person:

I am here waiting, in love.  I am so excited to be with you, spend time with you, snuggle with you, have experiences of life with you, and to co-create a reality so beautiful that you can not now even imagine it. 

I am not in a hurry for this to happen, as I know that all things happen at the perfect time.

It is not my job to validate you. It’s not my job to appreciate you. It is not my job to accept you. It never WILL be, though I will do these things with you naturally and easily while we are together. For now, learn to do these things for YOURSELF.

Your only responsibility RIGHT NOW is to prepare yourself to be with me, just as I am preparing myself to be with you.  It is your calling to upgrade, improve, up-level, learn, study, and practice ALL things that will empower you to transform from a victim to a Victor, from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly, from your current state to the limitlessly expanding version of yourself that I will align with when the time is right. 


I will see you soon…

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