If it is true that consciousness informs itself through its creations, and if it is true that our actual identity IS consciousness, and that we create with every thought, word, and action, then isn’t it a BRILLIANT plan for consciousness to have inserted itself into TRILLIONS of “separate” physical entities and lives within a virtual, physical construct in order to experience life through TRILLIONS of different perspectives, SIMULTANEOUSLY? 

How important is it, then, to be completely authentic, different, and unique?  From this perspective, being a follower of any ONE belief, group, way of thinking, or choosing to conform in ANY way would be INCREDIBLY counter-productive.  As consciousness, temporarily inhabiting a human body to have a human experience, I think it is useful to remember to BE A UNIQUE and ORIGINAL INDIVIDUAL, and to be unapologetic, unashamed, and proud of our differences.

BE HAPPY BEING YOU.  Be the best you that you can be.  Always be upgrading.  Always be learning and practicing what you learn.  Choose to experiment with as many different ways of being that interest you or that you are attracted to.  EXPERIENCE as MANY situations, circumstances, people, things, and lives as you possibly can, within this one lifetime. 

Maybe the secret to quickening the limitless expansion of the collective whole isn’t conformity to only ONE way of being and thinking, and convincing others to strive to be just like us, but rather in EMBRACING OUR DIFFERENCES, and in allowing, accepting, appreciating, and loving UNCONDITIONALLY, ALL THAT IS, AS IT IS.

Much love and peace to you on YOUR own personal, unique, authentic life journey.  Keep going.  Keep doing what you are doing.  You are AMAZING.  You are PERFECT, JUST AS YOU ARE, and while you don’t need to change a thing to be worthy of love, while in this human body you can choose to get EVEN BETTER.  Accept yourself.  Appreciate yourself.  Love yourself.  Remember WHAT you are, as you continue to work on upgrading the WHO you IDENTIFY AS, while in this human form.

I LOVE YOU.  That may sound strange, and we may not know one another in human form, but if someone can HATE another for no reason at all, I am certainly entitle to LOVE another for no reason at all, other than the fact that it is possible that I AM you, and YOU are ME, in our truest form, as CONSCIOUSNESS, simply temporarily infused into separate physical bodies for a short while, soon to be reunited in love and light.

PEACE and COMFORT be with you, throughout the entirety of your life journey.

-Pete Jones

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