Reprogramming the Subconscious Mindset

WE ARE THE PROGRAMMERS! WE are 100% responsible for the outcomes in our lives through HOW WE CHOOSE TO INTERACT with ALL people, information, circumstances, situations, and experiences we are bombarded with in each and every moment of this beautiful human experience.

When we intentionally UPGRADE the ways in which we see OURSELVES, others, and the world in general, we automatically upgrade the results of our life experiences and the enjoyment of it all.

Come check out the goodinthehead website at and explore the decades of research and years of work that this labor of love has become. EVERYONE has SOMETHING to teach us if we are open to learning about new things, and it is by learning new things that we have new experiences.


Bruce Lipton teaches how we can rewrite the programs within our subconscious, which is responsible for 95% of our actions throughout each day. When we rewrite the programs within the subconscious mind, we begin operating and creating from these new programs, rather than from the old, ineffective, sometimes destructive programs we have been creating our lives by, so far…

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