Relationship Healing

This is the content I consider the Golden Key to all relationship healing.  These simple teachings can be practiced and used by anyone, at any phase of a relationship, in order to heal together and manifest a more beautiful, fulfilling, deeply meaningful level of connection.

These are the tools, strategies, teachings, tips, and the help that I wish I would have known of and used since I was a young teenager.  I’m so grateful to have found these tools now, as applying them has absolutely transformed me, my beliefs, my personal philosophies, and my perspective.  It’s NEVER to late to try just one more thing.   These tools have empowered me to be a better husband, father, and man.  If these things can help me, they can absolutely help anyone.

Anyone who knows me knows how many failed relationships I have had.  While I’m grateful for all of the lessons learned from each of these failures, there was a better way to learn.  I just didn’t know it, or where to look for answers to the questions I didn’t even know I had yet.

Listening to these videos with my wife has helped us tremendously.  The topics and situations introduced in these videos have sparked hours of open, honest conversations we never would have had. otherwise.  We have grown even closer together and have learned and acquired helpful tools which have empowered us to create and manifest a more beautiful, rewarding connection with each other.

I challenge you to plan on a time once a week for the next month to listen to one of these videos together.  Pause it when needed to discuss any topics that hit home or that may apply to you as a couple, or to you as individuals.  Write down any information you want to remember or apply or practice in your relationship.  If applied, these teachings and principles will heal any relationship or marriage.  Think you’ve tried everything?  Try just one more thing.  You are worth it.  You are worth fighting for.

There are MANY episodes of RELATIONSHIP THEORY on YouTube. Check them out!!