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Have you ever heard the words, “You’re too young!”  Have you ever told yourself these words?  Did you choose to believe it, or did it anger you and motivate you to prove the words, and the belief behind the words, as wrong, or incorrect?

“Most of history was built by young people.  They just got credit when they were older.  The only way to truly learn something is by DOING it.  Yes, listen to guidance, but don’t wait.

– Naval Ravikant

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There is no such thing as an, “Overnight Success.”  Those who are considered and Overnight Success ALWAYS have a story of a long and difficult journey, wrought with challenges, failures, hard work, life lessons, loss, pain, and devastation, all along the way, which empowered them through the experiences of life, along with what they have learned from others, to create who and what they have become.

Mindset matters.  It is everything.  It is the chosen set of beliefs and attitudes by which each of us creates the life we want and deserve.  It will guide us and lead us into our future lives.  We become what we think about, and focus on, the most.

Character counts.  Character comes from our mindset, and our ever-changing and improving personal belief systems, and is manifested in our daily lives by the actions which we choose to take.

WE are in charge of our own mindset.  WE  are in charge of the content we allow into our minds, all day, every day.

What are YOU choosing to consistently focus on?

When we were younger and smaller and weaker, it was our parents’ responsibility to do everything for us.  They taught us how to think, how to speak, what to say, what to do, how to behave, and who to be.

Some parents, as much as they love their children, and as well-meaning as they might be, may just not have had all of the information needed to raise their children as well as they could have, if only they had access to much more information.  Ask ANY parent if they could go back in time, knowing what they now know, and able to keep all of their wisdom and experiences, if there may be some things they would have done differently.  The answer is always the same.  YES!!

What if they were not knowledgeable  about some things?  NOBODY knows EVERYTHING, as much as some of us want others to think we do.  What if some of the beliefs that we THOUGHT they were instilling in us, with perfectly good intentions, are no longer beneficial to us?  What if we misunderstood what belief they were trying to instill within us all along, as sometimes young minds do?  What if there are other,  better, more effective ways for you to think, in order for you to create the exact life you want for yourself someday and become the best possible version of yourself SOONER, rather than later?

Most parents truly have our best interest at heart, and as parents we all do the best we possibly can, but what if there is a better, more effective way for you to think, speak, do things, behave, and become?  What if, by making a few small changes in your personal belief system, chasing a few small dreams, and creating your own set of beliefs, and your own reality, you can have a more beautiful, fulfilling, amazing, and incredible life later on, down the road?

I believe that it is the purpose of EVERY PARENT to do their VERY BEST to raise their children to be as fully-optimized, knowledgeable, experienced, and as ready as possible, to strike out into the world someday, on their own, and succeed at ANYTHING, whether that means failing their way to success with determination, grit, and spunk, or through studying and replicating the success of others.

The best advice I have ever gotten, on how to create and fashion a life of abundance, wealth, and success, in ALL areas of life, come to me through a book, written by Jim Rohn, called, 7 STRATEGIES FOR WEALTH AND HAPPINESS.

Tai Lopez teaches about the value in having mentors.

When he asked his grandpa for the one secret to success, his grandpa’s answer was epoch.  It is contained within the interview, above.

This takes time, patience, consistency, experience, and an understanding of exactly what we want.  If we don’t know exactly what we want we will never know what the most effective way is to get it.  We will have no plan.

If we fail to plan, we plan to fail. 

We must each have our own, personal strategies for our own, personal successes.

There comes a time in all of our lives when we must have the courage to decide what kind of person we want to become.  We must decide for ourselves EXACTLY what we want.  When we don’t know where to start, or if we have no clue what we want, it is easier than ever before, to look around at what others have, research what it took for them to get it, and decide if we are willing to do the same, or not.

Fun questions to think about:

What lifestyle do I want to live in 10 years?  What car do I want to be driving?  What clothes do I want to be wearing?  What kind of person do I want to be?  What characteristics will I have?  What beliefs do I want to have that will define who I am?  How much money do I want to make?  What house do I want to live in?  What do I want my love relationship to be like?  How do I want others to treat me?  How will I treat others?  What communities, or groups, would I like to be associated with?  How will my health be in 10 years, and what will it take from me, every day, to attain and keep that level of health?

We must first have a vision.  Then, and only then, will we know exactly what to do, daily and consistently, in order to some day obtain that which we want. 




it is through consistency, practice, and repetition, that our best consistently gets better.

It is nobody’s responsibility to make any of these things happen for you.  It’s all you!  You get to decide exactly what you want and then decide the path you want to take to get there.  You decide how much work you want to put in every day towards accomplishing your goals.  It’s your decision when and how to become responsible.  It’s your decision when to stop using your parents for your comfortable lifestyle and create one of your own.  It’s your decision when and how you want to change and grow and become the incredible, successful, amazing person that you are meant to become.  It’s up to you to make your life  successful, fulfilling, beautiful, and happy.  It’s up to you to choose when to go out and do things, make mistakes, learn the lessons you need to learn, and become the incredible you that is your destiny.

We create our own reality.  We program our own minds.  We choose to accept or deny each thought, word, action, and truth that is presented to us.  We become who we make ourselves to become.  It all starts with our mindset, our attitudes of mind, and our own personal philosophy.

What do you want?

Come on a lifelong journey with me do decide what that is for yourself, and come up with an individual plan that is best for you.

I believe in miracles.  Not the ones where angels appear and tell us what we need to do, or the ones where the supernatural saves us from imminent peril.

I believe in the miracle of connection.  I believe miracles are worked every day, in all of our lives, through other people.  Becoming a member of the goodinthehead community is an opportunity to be connected with other, like-minded individuals, who are all about positive change and personal growth, eventually resulting in a life of extreme enjoyment and wealth in ALL areas of life.

Please, join me on a lifelong journey of self-improvement, challenges, growth, fulfillment, health, and happiness.  Check out the Daily Inspiration section and start on today’s date.  Each and every day has been written as an easy to read, simple reminder.  Simple, easy things, done daily and consistently, grow exponentially and become something great.  Each and every day comes with a challenge.

Make it as fun as you can!  Become a part of something great!  

In order to create a more valuable existence, we must become more valuable.  In order to become more valuable, all we have to do is add value to others.  What are some ways in which you consistently add value to others?

In a world full of problems,

we must be the solutions we want to see in the world.

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“In order for things to change for you, you are going to have to change.”

-Jim Rohn

Watch this inspiring, motivational video featuring Caleb Maddix and his father.  Is there anything in it that you could apply to your own life or learn from which would help you to change, improve, or progress, in any way?

What to get started on (If you haven’t already):

  • Mindset-save and review your favorite quotes.  Read the daily reminders on this website for today’s date.  Remember that what you focus on ALL DAY LONG is up to you and may be one of the only things in your entire life you can truly control.
  • Daily Routine-Something easy-to-accomplish that you can be consistent at daily, which will set you up for success the entire rest of the day with a good mood and a great attitude.  *Discipline in one area of our lives, no matter how small and easy to accomplish, bleeds over into the fabric of the other parts of our lives.
  • Associations-Choose some mentors.  Choose a group of friends or people to surround yourself with that will encourage you, build you up, and push and challenge you to become better.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  What we choose to focus on each day is everything!

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Let’s grow together!

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