Start your own after school club!

It can be named whatever YOU decide, but please feel free to use and share any of the content you find on the GOODINTHEHEAD website!  🙂



The entire purpose behind being a part of a club is to start your own community, tribe, or social group, in which to create an environment of learning and connection.  When we learn of other ideas, beliefs, possible careers, educational opportunities, financial wellness plans, and different ways to create a lifestyle of extreme wealth and abundance, there are NO LIMITS to what we can imagine.



Get with your school’s office, a counselor, or a teacher, and find out how to make it happen.

Make sure that everyone in attendance brings a permission slip, outlining the rules, expectations, and topics that will be discussed.

An example of a helpful, empowering, and enjoyable meeting agenda:

  • Welcome everyone to the meeting!  Introduce yourself, then ask everyone who is in attendance to introduce themselves, and answer a fun question-make it a different one, each time.
  • Let everyone know that you will be texting or messaging a daily GOODINTHEHEAD PERSPECTIVE SHIFT, complete with quotes, stories, suggested personal development materials, and inspiring messages, from people all over the world.  These can be found HERE.  Have fun with it, and create your own club’s web site, Facebook page, or Instagram page!  Create a community of empowerment and support.
  • Introduce the featured interview from YouTube shows like IMPACT THEORY, HEALTH THEORY, WOMEN OF IMPACT, THE ED MYLETT SHOW, THE LEWIS HOWES SHOW, and LONDON REAL.  An EXCELLENT first interview to show would be Tom Bilyeu’s interview on his show IMPACT THEORY with Les Brown.

  • After the interview, discuss the key takeaways that interested each person, review the highlights of the interview, and ask how these teachings and ideas could possibly apply to each of the participants.
  • Close the meeting by thanking everyone for attending, inviting them to share the interview or messages shared in the meeting, and give one challenge for the week.  (Commit a random act of kindness.  Stick up for someone being bullied.  Smile every time you enter a room for the next week.)

***Make sure to ask each person how the challenge is going in the text or message the next day including the DAILY PERSPECTIVE SHIFT.

CONSISTENCY will be the key to enjoying a supportive, successful, enjoyable club.  YOU are in charge of the environment created, the friendships made, and the content shared, but a consistent meeting time and place, having the same, or a similar agenda, and choosing to bring your unique energy and attitude to each meeting, CONSISTENTLY, will be the key to your club success!

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