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Personal, one-on-one, Life-Optimization Coaching, Co-Creation, and Personal Planning Sessions, are available through goodinthehead.

email Pete at with any questions or comments.

Give the gift of Personal Empowerment today to someone you love!

For those who are looking to truly optimize their lifestyle in many, beautiful ways, I look forward to collaborating with you.

I have spent thousands of hours in research and a lot of money on amassing skill-sets, information, and helpful tools, obtained by and through many mentors over the years.  It is my desire to share what I have learned over these many years in a way that will save anyone interested years of time and energy, empowering them with what they need to truly heal and experience a level of Personal Development they never thought would be possible or available to them.  The younger and earlier we start, the better off we will be, and the better off the generations to come after us will also be.

No matter who we are or what we have done, we ALL have room for improvement.


Together, as co-creators, we will come up with a unique, personalized plan.  When we fail to plan, we plan to fail.  If we plan ahead, we will BE ahead.  This planning will include a few, incredibly empowering tasks, and a personalized, daily routine.  There are some commonalities, or a Golden Thread, that empower us all, but the beauty in this style of connection and empowerment, is the ability to co-create an individual plan, that will benefit you the most, as the unique and incredible person you are, and can be more of.  This daily routine is different for each person, according to their own, personal wishes, dreams, and desires.

Please know that it is my belief that any truly LASTING changes and improvements made in your life, or any help or empowerment you are seeking or craving, will come entirely from within YOU.  All I will ever be able to do for you is show you what has worked for me, and others, and how to access your greatness from within, while optimizing your physical and mental health.  A big part of your plan will have to do with Personal Healing and Personal Development.

It is not my place to HELP you.  Your life is just that-YOUR life.  It is 100% YOUR responsibility.  My desire is to EMPOWER you, ANY way I can, to help, serve, heal, and save YOURSELF.  An upgrade in beliefs, perspectives, personal philosophies, habits, and consistent, daily actions, will eventually result in your upgraded ability to constantly, progressively, upgrade EVERY aspect of your personal life!  If you want to build a beautiful home, I have some tools to give you.  I can even show you how-but you will have to build it YOURSELF.

The level of success you achieve will be in direct proportion to the level of your efforts.  I have discovered some easy ways to easily and consistently DO more, in order to BE more.

This coaching is for those who are feeling hopeless, alone, odd, different, finding it difficult to connect with others, and who have been experiencing symptoms from depression, anxiety, extreme thoughts of suicide, or bi-polar disorder.  I have lived with and worked through these things myself, for years, and because of what I have learned and created DESPITE these challenges, I can give, and have effectively given others, the ability to learn the skill sets, knowledge, wisdom, and empowerment to do the same.  If I was able to come back from where I have been, anyone can do the same and better!  

 Sometimes it isn’t about what we know, but who we know, and what they know, and what value they are capable of contributing to us, so that we may add more value to others.  It is through adding more value to others that we become more valuable.

When we KNOW better, we are able to DO better.  When we DO better, we can HAVE more, if that is what we want.

I can’t save you.  I can only share with you what has worked so incredibly well for me and give you the tools you have been hoping and searching for, help, and save yourself.

I can teach you what I have learned, which, if you choose to implement into your life, will empower you to access your own greatness within.

With these tools, you can and will be able to create and live the life you have always wanted and that you deserve.

I will do everything within my power to ensure that you:

  • benefit from an honest, open, transparent discussion, with the end goal of coming up with an individualized, personalized, co-created strategy for your own, personal, life-optimization journey in the form of a SOLID, easy-to-accomplish, uniquely-personalized, daily routine.
  • learn how to acquire and practice the tips, tools, tricks, methods, and processes through which you can and will access the greatness you have within you.
  • begin to manifest and create the EXACT life you deserve and want to be living.

Because of what I have experienced in life, I am able to point others in a helpful direction.  There is something to be learned from everyone we come into contact with, which means that I benefit just as much from this process as anyone else.  I have found that it is through helping and empowering others that I am helped and empowered the most.  Jim Rohn taught, “Service to MANY, leads to GREATNESS.”  I have found this to be true.  Not only do I learn a lot from others, but I am reminded of the wisdom so many of the great ones in history, that has been passed down for hundreds and thousands of years, for us to utilize and implement into our own lives, every moment of every day.

When you choose to take advantage of this opportunity, please know that I will work hard to empower you to acquire the skills, tools, and wisdom you will need to help yourself to continuously and consistently grow, progress, and improve, in your own time, and in your own way.  Together we will discuss and co-create an individualized strategy.  There will be work involved with easy, daily, tasks, to complete as part of the strategy.


The price of your first, personal planning session is only $45.  Each hour-long session to follow will be only $20, and only when you want or need it to happen.


  • You email me at with a request for a Personal Planning Session.
  • Before your Personal Planning Session,  a questionnaire with specific questions to fill out will be sent, through email.  This is used by me to get to know you a little better before we schedule a session, in order to fully optimize the time which we will spend together.  All information will be kept strictly confidential.  Along with the questionnaire, I will ask for your current location and time zone, the best times for you to talk, and a link to PayPal.
  • After I receive your email, we will decide which video platform is best for you with which we can communicate.  (Skype, Facebook Messenger Video, etc.)  We will also set up a time to talk.
  • After the session, a follow-up email will be sent out.  It will include more questions and a summary of our discussion, with the outline of the easy-to-follow plan for the next month that we co-created.  Daily messages will be sent to your email or Facebook messenger app.  We will check in with one another through email, once a week.
  • *As an added bonus, you will have FULL access to the first goodinthehead class, all about Personal Healing.  it includes a printable version of the class, a workbook, and a page from the goodinthehead calendar, to easily keep track of your progress.

To take immediate action, and benefit from this opportunity, please email me (Pete) at so I can send you a questionnaire, and we can get started.

I am so excited to connect with you on a deep, meaningful, purpose-filled level, and to share the tools I have researched and learned that have helped and empowered me to heal and create the life of my dreams!  Let’s get started…

The goodinthehead community is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube!  Follow me there, as well, for daily messages, inspiration, motivation, and reminders.  Please share any message or helpful content you come across with someone you love or may care about.

Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  What we consistently focus on is what will expand and grow within our lives.

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  • The methods or modalities of healing you have discovered and practiced which has helped you the most.

My Purpose:

Before 2014 I spent 15 years in a deep, dark, unmanageable depression, during which I wanted to die, every day.  I attempted suicide multiple times, but thankfully never could actually pull the trigger all the way, take quite enough pills, or cut just deeply enough.
My three sons, and the thought of the legacy I would leave for them to live in the dark shadow of, kept me from this horrible act.  They are literally the reason I am still alive today to enjoy the life I had to learn how to work so very hard to create.  The creation of this life, I realize now, is a life-long process.
I am so grateful I had big enough reasons to push through those truly dark times, and I have now made it my life mission to reach as many as I can with this message:
You are not alone.  You are perfect the way you are and you can do and be more
You, no matter who you are or what you have done so far, are not so different from everyone else that you cannot connect with others in some meaningful, valuable, way. 
Anything you want is available to you, once you learn how to access the greatness within you
Bad times don’t last.
I have failed my way to success my entire life.  Through others we can learn life hacks which will allow us to fail less and succeed more.
I can show you how. ❤️🙏😊