I think it is possible that the thoughts and words we project onto the food we eat ACTIVATES within it that which coincides with how we feel about and how we see our relationship to ALL that we ingest…

WHAT WE THINK and WHAT WE SPEAK alters the chemical cocktail that is CONSTANTLY being released into our bloodstream and pumped throughout our ENTIRE body within just TWO PUMPS of the heart.

These chemicals dictate the feelings we feel, which charge the bodies energy fields in correlating ways, constantly emitting and transmitting vibrations outward into the Universe, where these vibrational energies play and interact, attracting ONLY the similarly charged energies, which our bodies then constantly receive at the cellular level, INSTANTANEOUSLY.

The thoughts we think become the words we speak, and we constantly cast energetic spells into ALL THAT IS, as we interact with ALL things, in EVERY MOMENT.

The key to successful healing, successful creation, and successful living, all begins with what we choose to THINK, on a continual basis.

MOMENTUM is decided by US.

In which trajectory will you direct YOUR momentum today?

Remember to BLESS THE FOOD AND DRINK you are about to ingest. ACTIVATE the creative and healing properties within it BEFORE you put it into your body, and as it interacts with a positive, powerful, empowering, abundant, healthy chemistry you created within yourself through your consistently positive THINKING PATTERNS, it will be FURTHER activated, to ONLY heal, protect, and bless you…

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