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If you would like to volunteer your time, talents, resources, wisdom, knowledge, or help, to any portion of the goodinthehead website, app, podcast, books, workbooks, or anything else which needs to be created to truly empower as many people as possible in their healing journey, please reach out to me!  Please be patient if I don’t immediately respond.  I have a full-time job, working 40+ hours/week.  I’m working on my job full-time, while I’m working on my passion part-time.  Soon, I hope to be working on this  passion full-time, contributing more and adding more value to others and their healing process, than ever before.  I also have a beautiful family, where quality time needs to be focused and concentrated.  My family is my life and my whole world.

Simon Sinek teaches, “Together is Better,” and I certainly agree.  

goodinthehead is my baby, my Dharma, my life’s purpose.  Because of the help, support, love, kindness, empowerment, acceptance, and care I have consistently received through others throughout my entire life, I feel obligated and blessed to share the same with others, every opportunity I get.  I have made it a point and a focus in my life, spending money, time, and energy, on learning all I can about the topic of HEALING, and I now wish to give to others what I have learned.

While goodinthehead is a creation that came from encouragement about a blog idea from a good friend, Tim Higgins, it is now a movement, a community, and a way of life.  It has quickly become a source for tools, tips, tricks, methods, modalities, and practices, all about HEALING.  No matter who we are, we all currently have the need, or will soon enough, to HEAL.  When ONE of us heals, we ALL heal.

goodinthehead is also on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  Follow me there, as well, for daily messages, inspiration, motivation, and reminders.  Please pay it forward, and share any message which may empower someone you love or may care about.  Please share this website with everyone you know!  It is through adding value to others by sharing and spreading wisdom, that we become more valuable as individuals, and collectively, as a whole, we all become more wise.

Thank you for all that has been contributed and all that will be contributed.

Please download, copy, share, and use any of this information for self-development, classes you teach at church or in school, or as helpful ideas for children.  I got this idea from Marshall Goldsmith, who also inspired me to practice a nightly routine before I go to bed, enhancing and optimizing my life even more.  His interview can be found here, but to really benefit from the value added to your life from this man, dive deep into his world and plug his name into google and YouTube and really research this man and all he does to impact the world around him each day.  Success leaves clues.  Follow the successful ones.  Experiment with everything that may help you heal and improve your own Personal Development, and you will be more capable of adding value to the lives of others as you do so.  The more value we add to others, the more valuable we become.

While everything on the website is free, but I will be selling access to classes, publishing books, workbooks, and selling other items.  As they become available to the public, I will certainly let you know.

To join the goodinthehead email list, please send your information (in this format) to

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  • Your favorite tip for healing, which you have personally discovered and practiced which, has helped you the most.

Thank you for all of the encouragement and support, all along the way!  So many of you have reached out to me, offered me knowledge and wisdom, and offered to help with this movement.  Keep it going!  It is through helping and empowering others that we help and empower ourselves the very most.  This is the joy, beauty, and miracle, that comes from being a great parent, uncle or aunt, sibling, family member, or human being.  We are all meant to connect and bond, adding value and contributing to others, all along the way.


If you have publishing experience, app creation experience, editing advice, and ideas on how goodinthehead can make an even greater impact in the world, speak up!  It will be met with gratitude-and not just from me.  There are many people, all around the world, that are benefiting a great deal from the content being shared out there and through this website.

For a long time now, we have been living in the Information Age.  Now, I believe, we are entering into the Age of Awakening, and The Healing Age.  Far too long, many people have made a living off of exploiting those of us who have been asleep, completely buried in information, but lacking the wisdom and the awakening experience needed to properly live a live of true meaning and fulfillment.  No longer!  It’s time to awaken and create the beautiful life we truly want and deserve.

The vision for goodinthehead, going forward, is to create a Healing Center, where people can come from anywhere in the world to learn first hand about ALL possibilities of healing, and experiment with different modalities, and experience these things for themselves, finding out if these things will work for them, or not.  To get there, I must create a sustainable business model, and follow it consistently, in order to raise the funds to make this dream a reality.  Please see the GOODINTHEHEAD SALES page for more information about this.

As a part of goodinthehead, I can also envision communities just like Sunshine Acres, popping up everywhere.  Not all of us have a safe environment to exist in.  Not every child has food to eat, clothes to wear, a warm bed to sleep in, or the love they naturally deserve.  I have a vision of goodinthehead partnering with other organizations for the greater good of children all over the world, to provide them with the necessities of life, and then once their basic needs are met, to provide them with knowledge of the possibilities and opportunities which are limitless for them.

I can’t do all of this alone, but it is my intent to do what I have to do to make these things happen.  These are my intentions and my agenda.  Any help is welcome.  Together, we are many.

WE ARE ALL ONE.  Each of us is like a strand in an elaborate, beautifully woven, GIGANTIC spider web.  When a bug gets stuck to a strand, like pain and suffering sometimes gets stuck to one of us, the struggle vibrates throughout the entire web.  The closer to the bug, or the pain and suffering, the more the other strands vibrate with the one being damaged by the bug.  The spider knows exactly where to go to prepare a meal for later, and to repair the damaged strand.  When one of us feels that vibration from pain, we all, collectively, feel the pain.  The beautiful thing is this:  WHEN ONE OF US HEALS, WE ALL HEAL.  That is what this website, this movement, and this lifestyle is all about.  We can do the daily, consistent work that is required of us to do, in order to deserve the healing we ALL need.

Healing comes in many forms, and is NEEDED by all.  Mental and emotional healing, physical healing, financial healing, social healing-May we all experience it and practice it.  May we all create an environment where it is consistently experienced and practiced.  May we all continue to share the most effective, efficient, empowering, and helpful healing tools we have tried and practiced that have helped us the most.  I invite you to send me a copy of your answers to the questions on the goodinthehead Interviews page.

I don’t know when the resources and money will come.  I don’t know how these things will come.  I just believe they will, and I will keep doing what I am doing until everything that is needed is aligned.  The money that I make through goodinthehead’s website will go towards these things.

May we all share such a beautiful dream!  May we all envision a brighter, more beautiful future.