Speaking Engagements

I am available for speaking engagements.  I highly value and enjoy contributing to the lives of others in a positive way, every chance I get.

My goal with any speaking opportunity is to spread wisdom in an entertaining way, in order to empower anyone and everyone who is looking or searching for any tools, knowledge, wisdom, and skill sets desired to more efficiently navigate this life on a personal level.

We can, together, learn how to practice contributing to others at the highest level possible.

Current topics I am available to speak about:

  • Overcoming the ill effects of Mental Illness
  • The importance of a Proper Daily Routine
  • Accessing the Greatness Within
  • The Importance of Goal-Setting
  • Healthy Living
  • Spiritual Fortitude and How To Improve It
  • Emotional Fortitude and How To Improve It
  • The Importance of Habits and HOW TO MAKE HABITS EASY (Habit-hacking,)


Special topic requests are considered.  I will only speak about things which will contribute to the audience in a positively impactful way.

I have spoken to youth and adults in classroom settings, in churches, clubs, social functions, mental hospitals, support groups, and at work engagements.  I truly enjoy connecting with others and getting to know people better.  I believe that the best teacher is one who realizes and remembers that he or she will always be a student.  We all have a story, and it is through sharing these stories that we take advantage of the opportunity to add value to the lives of others.  Each of us contains within the opportunity to learn from another.  When we remain curious, engaged, and eager to learn all we can from others, we have the capacity to become a better version of our self.