April 14: Change Or Die

A book has been written about people who HAVE to make some very small daily changes in order to live a healthy lifestyle.  They are told that without these changes they will soon die.  Literally.  They have to take a pill every day and change a few eating habits.  Around 80% of them choose NOT to change.  It just seems too overwhelming, too challenging, too daunting a task.  They would rather die than have to change by simply doing just a few small things differently!

Why?  Stubbornness?  Laziness?  No vision for the future?  No meaning in their lives?  Habituated practices that are so automatic it makes change seemingly impossible?  What got them to this point in their lives in the first place?  I’ve been there.  I’ve been in a place where change seemed impossible for me.  I was completely hopeless.  When extreme pain, discomfort, and trauma can’t even inspire and motivate us to change, what are some other reasons that may empower us to do it?

They need to be pretty big, important reasons!  Research and studies have shown that we will change for loved ones, which is why it is so important to create deep, fulfilling, meaningful connections and bonds with others.  Sometimes, the one thing that will save us from ourselves is someone we love or care about at that time.  For many of us, our children save us from ourselves, and from giving up.  We may want to be healthy enough to be able to play with our grandchildren.  That has absolutely proven true for me.  My children are the only reason I am alive today.

I believe it is SO important, empowering, and helpful to change, improve and continuously upgrade thinking habits, perspectives, practices, beliefs, and mindset.

Jim Rohn tells his story incredibly  well, about how from the age of 19 to 25 he spent 6 years practicing small errors in judgement which led to his financial and emotional demise.  Changing just a few things he thought about and did every day made the difference!  He upgraded what he hoped and dreamed, and worked hard, and kept at it, every day in some small, easy ways.  The next 6 years he focused on self-improvement and adding value to his life and the lives of others.  In the next 6 years he went from being penniless and owing money to many debtors, to being a millionaire and enjoying financial freedom, an incredible home life, amazing friendships, and a completely new perspective on EVERYTHING.  In his book, 7 STRATEGIES FOR WEALTH AND HAPPINESS, he outlines HOW ANYONE can do the same.  It’s easy!  All that is necessary is a consistent commitment to personal growth, change, and improvement.

He taught that his financial success was simply an outward manifestation of the inner world he had created for himself.  He taught that, Success in the financial world is something we will attract by the person we become.

Success leaves clues.

So do failures.

A stupid man never learns from his failures.  He will remain a victim with a long list of excuses why he can’t, and he will blame EVERYONE and EVERYTHING ELSE for his failures.

A smart man will eventually learn from his failures.  He will, over time, realize his life is entirely up to him, and his excuses, shame, and blame have wasted years of his life.

A wise man will learn from the failures, and successes, of OTHERS, through simple observation.  He will research, learn, and ask questions.  He will read books and listen to podcasts.  He will avoid the pitfalls and traps others have fallen prey to and do EXACTLY what has worked well for others.  He will use the failures of others as his roadmap to success.  His focus will be on nothing but creation and consistent change.

Today’s challenge for myself:  Today I will think of some aspect of my life I am unhappy with or challenged by and come up with three, easy-to-do, daily actions I can take in order to change that one thing.  I will COMMIT, and CONSISTENTLY work and make it happen.

Self-Awareness comes from answering difficult questions.  Self-Awareness leads to Self-Actualization and Self-Recreation.  Consistency in this practice leads to continuous growth, improvements, progress, and change.

REAL and LASTING change comes not from KNOWING, but from DOING.  Knowing different things is separate from DOING different things.  When it comes to change, IT ALL COMES DOWN TO IMPLEMENTING NEW HABITS and DOING the work.  EXPERIMENT WITH EVERYTHING, and be WISE-OBSERVE to learn, as well.

The book, ATOMIC HABITS, by James Clear, outlines MANY ways to habituate new practices and makes it EASY to change.


If you want wisdom, strength, empowerment, and the growing ability to constantly change, adapt, and evolve, check out the YouTube channels, IMPACT THEORY, HEALTH THEORY, and WOMEN OF IMPACT, and subscribe.  The ideas and wisdom I have been introduced to through these shows have forever changed me, altered my mindset, empowered my heart set, and have shot me on to an entirely alternate trajectory in my own life journey.  I wish you well on yours.  Much love. 🙏

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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