April 25: The Seven A’s:

What is your dream?  What is your vision of yourself and your life in a year?  Can you see it in your mind?  What is it for 10 years from now?

Aim high.  Know what you want and go for it!  There are no limits.  Even if you aim for the moon and fail to get there, the work you will have done will land you among the stars.

Acquire the mindset and the skills needed to do the daily, consistent steps, that will help you accomplish your vision and dream, and create the reality you want and deserve.

Attain the level of self-control, self-mastery, and the self-confidence you will need on your journey.  CONSISTENCY CREATES CONFIDENCE.

Achieve what you deserve to achieve by working hard towards your vision.  If we won’t do the work, we don’t deserve the reward.  “To be or not to be” is not the question.  “To DO or NOT TO DO” is the question.  As humans, without DOING anything, we will never accomplish or achieve anything.

Accomplish everything you set out to accomplish.  It starts small.  It starts daily.  By continuously and consistently doing all of the small, seemingly insignificant, seemingly meaningless things on your daily list, everything will add up to equal what we want it to!  ALL of our dreams can and will come true if we stick to our plans, work hard, react to difficulties and challenges with wisdom and resilience, and keep on keeping on.

Attract exactly what you want into your life.  Anything you want is possible for you.  Manifesting the exact reality you want to experience, through the practice of visualization, is a great way to attract the life you want.  Remember:  THE FEELING is the magnetized energy that emits the vibrational frequency that attracts the same back to us.  Work hard EVERY MOMENT of EVERY DAY to FEEL GOOD.

It is SO IMPORTANT to FEEL GOOD, ALL THE TIME.  When we strategically design our day, and every moment within it to FEEL GOOD, ALL THE TIME, we recreate the “self” and our personal realities in a FAR more efficient and effective way than we do when we are creating from fear, worry, or anxiety and stress.

Align and consistently re-align with your true, divine, and eternal nature.  Through breathing practices, mindfulness, and meditation, alignment with WHAT we are, as we continue to do the work necessary to upgrade the WHO we identify as while in these bodies, is ALWAYS available to us all.  The daily practice of alignment with our TRUE “selves” will result in miracles.

When we are in alignment with our truest nature, we become better creators, easily projecting, manifesting, and attracting our best life possible.

Why it is SO important to FEEL GOOD, ALL OF THE TIME

Today, and always, I will live by the seven A’s:  Aim, Acquire, Attain, Achieve, Accomplish, Attract, and Align.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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