April 9: Strategize

Each day is the opportunity to use our personal strategies to win the battle of the day.  If we win enough daily battles, eventually we win the war of life.  We are WARRIORS, and like Sun Tzu said, Every battle is won BEFORE it is fought.”  A solid strategy, used to design a day, and intentionally set us up for success, is available to us all.  When we consistently upgrade our strategies, we consistently upgrade the quality of our personal reality!


It’s okay to, “mess up.”  There are no mistakes or failures-only LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES.

Using good judgement gets great results.  Often times, good judgement comes from lessons we learn, but if we learn from the mistakes of others, we can fast track ourselves onto a path of accelerated progress.  If we have a good strategy while constantly re-creating ourselves, upgrading our Self-Image, and while creating the life we want, we will usually succeed. 

If we have clarity and an exact target to aim at, and know exactly what we want to accomplish, there is no other possibility but eventual success.

Good strategies include:

  • Creating, implementing, and consistently adhering to a personal morning routine.  Repetition begets mastery, and when we win the morning, we win the entire day.  A strategicly planned morning routine is all about MOMENTUM.  To enter into a new day with a solid strategy is to plan on conquering the day.  “IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAIL.” -Jim Rohn  (Click here for helpful tips on creating the best possible morning routine for yourself.)
  • Setting clear goals with specificity about what we want to accomplish and by when.
  • Creating a positive mindset and maintaining it.  Again, REPETITION IS THE KEY here.  Listening to content we want installed as programming into our subconscious mind RIGHT BEFORE SLEEPING and RIGHT AFTER WAKING UP, is an opportunity worth checking into.
  • CONSTANTLY thinking of and being aware of all we have to be grateful for.
  • Creating a more empowering belief system, and ESPECIALLY consistently upgrading our Self-Image.  “An UPGRADE in our BELIEFS OF SELF will automatically lead to an UPGRADE IN HABITS.” -Maxwell Maltz.  ”ALL HUMANS FEEL, ACT AND PERFORM IN ACCORDANCE WITH WHAT THEY BELIEVE TO BE TRUE ABOUT THEMSELVES.” -Maxwell Maltz.  ”YOU CANNOT CONSISTENTLY PERFORM IN A MANNER WHICH IS INCONSISTENT WITH THE WAY YOU SEE YOURSELF.” -Zig Zigler (Click here for more, or see The goodinthehead Beliefs Project.)
  • Adopting and consistently practicing good habits.  (Click here for more, or see The goodinthehead Habit-Hacking Challenge.)
  • Remaining open to ALL things, while being attached to NO thing.  Continuous learning, growing, improving, progressing, and expanding into an upgraded version of ourselves.

We are all unique and different.  There will ALWAYS be opportunities for growth and progress.

Reminder to self:

Ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly:

  • What are my exact and specific goals?  What exactly do I want to accomplish daily, monthly, yearly, and in 10 years?
  • What can I do daily to create and keep a positive mindset for myself?
  • What is MY specific idea of, “good habits?”

Zig Zigar shared the importance of BALANCE in our personal lives, while in the pursuit of strategically implementing and experimenting with possible upgrades, and designing our goals.  He called this personal project THE WHEEL OF LIFE.  Basically, reviewing our personal Wheel of Life weekly or monthly, during a Self Check-In session, we see where we can do even better, or spend less time working towards progressing in certain areas of life, in order to maintain balance, and keep the wheel perfectly round.  You see, an imbalanced tire tends to operate less effectively, wear down more quickly in certain areas more than others, and eventually-especially at high speeds, can blow out.  

Each area of life is represented by a spoke in the wheel.  These areas include SELF-IMAGE/PERSONAL, FAMILY, CAREER, PHYSICAL, MENTAL, SPIRITUAL, and FINANCIAL aspects of life.  Within the length of each spoke are the numbers 1 through 10, starting with 1 towards the center of the wheel, and ending with 10 towards the outside of the wheel.  Within each area, we can record where we believe ourselves to be operating within each area of life, and choose the number, 1 through 10, that we feel best represents where we currently are.  

If we are at 1’s in every area of life, our tread lasts MUCH longer and provides for a much smoother ride, than if we are measuring our financial progress at a 9, while operating at a 1, spiritually.  Using the wheel of life, we will see IMMEDIATELY how balanced or imbalanced we are in our personal lives, and can adjust accordingly.  This in a fairly accurate method with which we can measure our progress, adjust our strategies, and receive immediate feedback on our personal progress.  It is a useful tool.  Try it out for yourself!

You can add or rename these spokes to fit your own needs.

Here is an example of where I currently am, which provides immediate feedback to me where I can do more, and in which area of life I can do less, thereby creating more BALANCE:

As you can see, and as I am now more aware of, the INNER circle I drew to connect the dots is asymmetrical.  If I were driving around in my car, and all four tires were shaped like this inner circle, which represents my CURRENT personal progress within each of these areas, it would only be a matter of time before the tread wears in only certain areas of the tires, and I eventually experience a blowout, or symptoms of unhappiness and unfulfillment that eventually appears (for me) much like anxiety, depression, frustration, hopelessness, etc.

The goal isn’t PERFECTION, ALL THE TIME, but rather PROGRESS, CONSISTENT EFFORTS, and DOING OUR BEST, remembering that our BEST is always changing and different, depending on MANY things, like how we are feeling, our current mindset, our energy levels, etc.  It is okay to remain consistent in our best efforts, and seem to be inconsistent in our actual results and outcomes.  WE know if we are doing our best, or not.  THAT is what TRULY matters, as it will provide credibility and confidence from within, FAR more effectively than the possibly inaccurate, false opinions, accolades, and validation of others.

Today’s challenge for myself:  Today I will make the time to answer these questions and if I choose to I will write down my answers.  I know by doing so I will be focusing on things that will help me become the best version of myself I can be.  I will experiment with The Wheel of Life, and check in with myself periodically to measure my progress, with BALANCE within all areas of my life being the goal.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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