August 13: An Awakening Is Afoot!

The day after it came out in the theater, My wife and I watched the movie, “A Wrinkle In Time”.  It is pure wisdom, beautifully and magically disguised as an entertaining story.  I heard, from people who read the book, that the movie was actually better than the book, and it is extremely rare to hear such a thing.

My mother encountered a woman who said of the movie, “They sure took some extreme liberties in the making of that movie!”  My mother was appalled.  She retorted, “In a world full of extremities of the dark persuasion, it is about time someone took some creative liberties meant to enlighten and uplift!”

Everything in life is experienced at the same level at which our perspectives and beliefs reside.  Each day is an opportunity to up-level our perspectives and beliefs.  The life we create and project will be as we perceive it to be, and as we believe it to be.  Any time we choose, we can upgrade our beliefs and perspectives.

There is an awakening afoot!  There seems to be a shift taking place in everyone.  I think it is better if we are all uplifted, edified, and enlightened together.  Together is better. 

It is through the energy of our thought choices that we create our personal realities and either succumb to the dark or choose to live in the light.  

Do we believe that we live in a friendly universe, or an unfriendly one?  Do we see beauty everywhere we go, or are we focused on all that is ugly and wrong in the world?  Do we observe to judge, or do we observe to enjoy and appreciate?  Do we perceive that the Universe was designed to conspire on our behalf every moment of every day, thinking that life is happening FOR us, or do we believe that everyone is out to get us, and that life is happening TO us?

The vibrational frequencies are being raised collectively throughout the world.  A higher level of awakening, being, and living is being experienced by more and more people, making this world a more beautiful place.  

WE ARE ALL CO-CREATORS OF OUR COLLECTIVE REALITY. It is through improving our own, personal reality that we contribute to the improved quality of the CO-CREATED reality in which we all exist.

There is a natural shift in energy, as we are bombarded by negativity.  When we are bombarded by negative energies, we are put into a position in which we HAVE to learn to manage our inner world better, alleviate anxieties and depression, and accept both light and dark as good for us, BOTH being in life for our eventual benefit.

Have you noticed this shift towards a mass awakening?  Have you noticed the opposite to also be true?  Polarities exist, and balance must be achieved, though would it not be incredibly beautiful if the scales were tipped in the direction of collective enlightenment, peace, joy, and love?

In this life, I’ve recognized the dangers in extremes or absolutes, but I have also realized the importance of the experience of extremes or absolutes, so that we might learn about, and have the option to choose, balance.  There is great purpose in experiencing both extremes AND balance.  Experiencing contrasts empowers us to decide what we DO want by allowing us to experience what we DON’T want.

This life is a practice in experiments and experiences.  It is an opportunity to learn and continuously re-create.

This life is an endless, beautiful, informative, creative, and perfect cycle.  We are born, we have an experience, we process it, we attach meaning to it, we decide what adjustments or recalibrations to make, we integrate the new practice, then experience the perceived results of our choices and feel according to the meanings we attach to the results and how we are capable of seeing things.  This process is repeated until this life ends.

The interesting thing is that the spiritually or soulfully enlightened ones have been sharing their wisdom and insights for thousands of years.  Now, we are in the midst of the Information Age, with an unlimited abundance of our choice in information.  We are blessed and cursed with so much and have the opportunity of what to choose and what to consistently focus on.  What will we choose to think about, focus upon, and allow to occupy the space of our minds today?  Whatever it is, it will determine the energy and levels at which we vibrate.  What we think and feel is up to us, and it will determine what manifests in our lives, in the weeks and months to come.  We become what we think and feel about.

Will that which we choose to focus on lead us towards an enlightened pathway or into a dark, empty, meaningless abyss, designed to result in levels of personal pain that crack us wide open, finally exposing the light within, leading us into an enlightened pathway, anyway?

Today I will remember the importance of what I choose to think about, say, and do.  I will remember the importance of that which I focus on.  I will live my life intentionally, aware, awake, and on purpose, striving to live in the present moment.

One of the most incredible and empowering books I have ever read that describes how to be fully awake and present in the moment, and how to enjoy life on a much deeper and more meaningful level, is THE POWER OF NOW, by Eckhart Tolle.  I highly recommend buying this book and listening to it or reading it regularly.


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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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