There are many ways to honor those we love.  Whether they are alive or have passed on, I think it is important to honor the ones we love.  Here are my favorite two ways:

1-Remembering the good times that we are or were grateful for.  What are our favorite memories with our loved ones?  What was the most important thing we learned from them that helped, motivated, or inspired us the most?

2-Making decisions we know would make our loved ones proud.  When making any decision, we can ask ourselves, “Would this make ______________ proud?”  By doing so, we are more likely to make better decisions.  By consistently making better decisions, we expand our soul, raise our vibrational energy level, become more attractive to certain energies and circumstances, and raise our credibility and self-esteem.

Our loved ones who have passed on are with us still.  They are but a thought away.  It is my belief that when we think of them and do things that would make them proud, their energy is attracted to us.  We may not be able to see them, and they cannot see us, because they no longer inhabit the physical body they once had or enjoy the same physical body we still do with these 5 senses, but we can still, and always will be able to, FEEL them.  I believe in those moments; they can also feel us.  By being our best self, practicing BEING love, re-aligning with our true selves through practices like breathing, meditation, or yoga, living each day to our fullest potential and capability, and by doing the best we can at all times, we honor those we love.  We honor our loved ones best when we honor ourselves.

Today I will honor myself and those I love by being the best possible version of myself I can be.  I will remember the important things they have done for me and be grateful for them, and make decisions my loved ones would be proud of.  I will remember that I AM ENOUGH.

One of the most empowering interviews I have come across on YouTube, is given by Marisa Peer on the Lewis Howes show.  With a simple shift in beliefs about ourselves, we can live a happier, healthier life of healing, meaning, and purpose.  I can think of nothing else in this world that would make me happier or prouder as a parent, than knowing my children are always doing their very best, and accepting and loving themselves, fully.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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