August 6: Thought and Intention are Nothing Without Action

At work, we have permanent employees and we have temporary employees.  Everyone has the same tasks to accomplish.  Everyone works hard and adds value to their team.  Everyone in our work place adds MUCH more value than they are compensated for.  In my opinion, everyone who works where I work deserves more than they are getting.

One of the many nice things about being a permanent employee where I work is the bonus program.  After the first of each year, each permanent employee gets a bonus, in addition to their normal pay, based on their performance for the previous year.  My wife’s team had four people who are temporary employees.  They didn’t get a bonus.  She mentioned to one of the guys that years ago, while working on the team she was on, all of the permanent employees decided to put some money into a hat and come up with their own bonus plan for her, as she was the only one on her team who didn’t get a bonus, even though she was working just as hard as everyone else, and had been there a few years.  The others on the team felt it was unfair for her to work as hard as them but not be rewarded in a similar fashion.

When she told him about this, this guy on her team thought it was a good idea.  He was inspired and motivated by the fact that in his nine years as a temporary employee, nobody ever did anything like that for him.  He was now a permanent employee.

He took action.  He rallied the troops.  Everyone on the team who was a permanent employee chipped in and they came up with $200.  Each of the temporary employees were given $50.

How do you think those temporary employees felt?  How do you think they reacted?  That team is known for being more like a family than a work team.  It is because of doing things like this that trust and deep connection is fostered, respect is earned and given, and the work environment is within OUR control.

We are 100% responsible for the inner reality we create, then project into the physical world we inhabit. This life is a canvas we paint upon with our minds to manifest the realities we live and interact within.


Today I will use my thoughts and intentions to take action towards helping someone else in some way.


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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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