The Belief Mindfulness Exercise

This exercise takes time.  It is something that can take as long as you want it to take.  It is an exercise I like to visit and review every month or two so I can add more things and see how I am doing.  On a piece of paper, make two columns.

At the top, on the left side, write down your old or current beliefs about everything you can think about that makes you who you are, helps you make all of your decisions, and which are the deciding factors in how you react to everything in your life (how you react to things people say to you, things that happen to you, etc.).

At the top, on the right side, write down your new or future beliefs that you would like to adopt and replace all of the old or current beliefs with.  These new beliefs are to become the new way of thinking, speaking, and acting, which will benefit you and those around you in some way.

This is eye-opening and can be a lot of fun!

This is the beginning of the list I first made.  It is a little rough and it makes me feel a little vulnerable sharing it, but here it is:

Try it out for yourself.  It may prove to be a little more difficult and a lot more valuable than you think!


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