Daily routine?

What is one thing you do every day that sets you up for success the rest of the day?

Bruno Schuyten Morning routine, quick intense workout followed by breathing exercises, brewing my bulletproof coffee then sipping it while reading personal growth book, then shower, my one thing is the morning routine, it has kept me stable and in control when everything was in a storm.  The book that has helped me most was The Slight Edge as it taught me urgency in the now patience for the long term, determination and understanding the impact of compound effects in life.

Set a positive intention as soon as I wake up.

Something like…

’Today, as much as I possibly can, I’m going to be helpful and kind towards others. I’m not going to let anger, laziness and other negative emotions get the better of me. I am going to keep a positive, happy mind throughout the day and try to be of benefit towards others.’

Then just before I sleep, I check over all the positive actions of body, speech and mind I did throughout the day and rejoice. For anything not so positive I did, I try to develop a sense of regret and make the determination not to do that again in the future. Then I set a positive motivation for sleeping…. And the cycle continues. In this way, slowly I get better and better.

I wake up everyday and the first thing I do is pray to GOD, after that I listen to something motivational while doing my workouts, then I take a shower and go to work, on my way though I intentionally use public transportation and I have like 15 min of gratitude and the rest of the way I would be listening to either radios and podcasts or my favorite songs playlist…during work I try to listen to as much informative podcasts as possible but only during the tasks that don’t require much focus, moreover on my way back I listen to impact theory podcast and other podcasts for people I’ve known through impact theory   I’m a project manager, and I’m handling Digital projects only, but I think it’s just the ability to enjoy what I’m hearing while working just like those who enjoy work with music playing in the background!


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