Words don’t teach.  Experiences do.  We learn best by taking action, and either failing or succeeding, then repeating, again and again.  We learn best by doing our best.

Only results matter, and without action there will never be results.  Through practice, repetition, consistency, and action, anyone can get better at anything.  Most of us don’t try new things because it makes us feel weak or stupid.  New things and changes can be difficult.  They can chip away at our pride and ego, if our beliefs allow it.  However, when we look at new things and experiences as an opportunities to learn and grow, expecting it to be difficult until it eventually becomes easier, and if we only compare ourselves to ourselves, and not others around us, the growth and progress is enjoyable and empowering, instead of painful and frustrating.

The greatest of accomplishments and successes come from the smallest of beginnings.  We have to start somewhere.  Best to start small, rather than not starting at all.

“One of the most powerful forms of motivation is success.”

-James Clear. 

Without action there is no success.

“Progress equals happiness.”

-Tony Robbins. 

Without action, there is no real progress.

Success is an incredible motivator.  It builds confidence, and re-affirms with constant feedback, information, and immediate data that what actions we are taking prove that we are on the right course.  We know, through successes, that we are on the right path.  We figure out what works for us, and we can then repeat it and share the recipe with others, letting them know we found something that works for us, and letting them know that it might just work for them as well.

Failure is also a wonderful motivator.  If we let it, it also builds confidence.  We can be confident in the fact that we are trying something, strong enough to look stupid and remembering we are NOT, rather than doing nothing at all.  We learn from failure.  We learn what not to do next time.  We gain wisdom from the constant feedback loop of failure.  Failure is information.  Many times, failures will motivate us with frustration or anger, empowering us to try harder, do better, and figure out an alternative route that just might work on the next try.

If we are stuck on which action to take in a decision, best to pick one and take immediate action.  We will find out soon enough if it was the right action to take or not.  We mustn’t be afraid of making mistakes.  Mistakes are learning opportunities.

Both success and failure require action.  Carol Dweck said it best:  “If you are not currently struggling with something, you are not growing.  You are not really living.”  If we aren’t taking action and making mistakes, failing, learning, and trying again and again until we succeed, we aren’t trying hard enough.  Growth, progress, improvement, and evolution were not meant to be easy.  They come through doing the hard things.  The more difficult the task, the more the possibility of potential for growth and learning.

The results and outcomes of our life today are the residual effects of the actions we used to take.  They are inextricably connected.  If we want different results and outcomes a year from now, we MUST begin to practice different habits and take different actions.

Today I will do the thing I am scared of doing.  I will keep doing it until I learn, get better, conquer my fears, and succeed.  I will remember that Action Alleviates Anxiety.  

Fast forward to the One hour, one minute, and 50 second point of this discussion, and see Tom Bilyeu’s opinion on TAKING ACTION and DECISIVENESS:

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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