December 21: Self Confidence

Have you ever met someone and wondered how they became so incredibly confident?  Financial success, wealth, health, spirituality, relationships, and every other part of our lives, seem to correlate and go hand-in-hand with our level of self confidence.  Why is our self confidence, and what we accomplish, seem to be so inter-dependent and connected?

I believe confidence comes from consistently doing hard things, and conquering the day in small ways.  This is one of the MANY things we can do that empowers us to feel more accomplished and better about ourselves.  THE WAYS WE SEE OURSELVES IS EVERYTHING.  

When enough of the small, seemingly meaningless things on our personal check list have been completed, our confidence in our abilities to conquer bigger things throughout the day grows exponentially.  Small successes compile, compound, and eventually become MASSIVE successes.




We can conquer the small things first, and then stand back at the end of each day in awe at what we were able to accomplish because of it.  We can create a habitual, consistent, morning routine, built around creating confidence though consistency.

Our beliefs can create or destroy our confidence.  The mindset mentors and thought leaders I have chosen to research, follow, and emulate, all have a great amount of self-confidence.  And for good reason!  I devour their content, absorb their teachings, read their books, and follow them religiously on social media.  This gives me ideas on how to upgrade and up-level EVERY aspect of my OWN life, and become a better, more consistently intentional creator.

Who do you look up, research, and follow, for the purpose of learning more about their level of self-confidence and success?  Do you know why they are so self confident?  What have they overcome in their lives?  What challenges have they had to work through?  What pain and suffering have they had to learn to cope with, deal with, and overcome, to get to the point in life they are at right now?  Who have they become more of, through hard work, discipline, and consistency, compared to what and where they used to be?

What are ways we can grow our own levels of self-confidence?

  • Self-reliance.  When we hold ourselves 100% accountable, and choose to stop asking for help in doing what we can and ought to be doing ourselves, we are being self-reliant.
  • Positive, optimistic, empowering self-talk and affirmations. The voice we hear and listen to the most is our own.  WE choose what it says.  THROUGH REPETITION WE CAN CHANGE THIS INNER DIALOGUE.
  • Consistency in every important area of our lives.  We get to decide what is most important for us, each day we wake up.  We know what is highest on our personal list of priorities when we take a good look at our actions and the results in our lives because of those actions.
  • Becoming, progressing, growing, improving, and evolving in any way, on a consistent basis.  Skill-acquisition, habit implementation, and consistent practice, all help IMMENSELY.


  • Practicing gratitude, realizing how far we have come, being thankful for ALL of it, and consistently creating a list of things we like.  Done daily and consistently, this re-wires and reprograms our minds, slowly and steadily setting our lives on the trajectory of optimism, positivity, and the ability to see the good in all things.  The good is there, and through practicing gratitude daily, it becomes more and more easy to see and recognize, and appreciate.  Gratitude is the glue that allows an avalanche of ABUNDANCE to stick to us.

  • Self-Pride and Self-Appreciation.  This is earned in what we think, say, do, and how we choose to consistently interact with others.  It is cultivated and expanded when we set aside a time every day to list why we appreciate ourselves in the moment.

Mentors are incredibly beneficial, valuable, and important.  Many mentors can teach us and show us the secrets to acquiring and consistently accumulating self-confidence!

When we take the opportunity to choose to apply what people we choose to learn from have learned in their lives, beautiful, magical, empowering things can happen.  One of my FAVORITE MENTORS is Jim Rohn.  Absorbing ANY content created by this man is my FIRST recommendation to anyone ready and willing to listen.

An excellent example of self-confidence is Ed Mylett.  I love the confidence he exudes and what he teaches about self-confidence.  There are many of his interviews he has been a part of in which he explains self-confidence on YouTube.

Today’s challenge for myself:  Today, I will decide what consistent, daily actions I can take, in order to grow my confidence to the very best of my ability.  I will seek out and research new ways to grow my own self-confidence, and I will remember that:



TRULY GOOD THINGS may take time to acquire, develop, obtain, create, manifest, and enjoy.  We can’t expect HUGE improvements, progress, and evolutionary processes, to happen over night.  We must work for them, deserve them, and earn them.  This is why a daily routine is imperative to success in skill-acquisition and adding true and lasting value to our lives and the lives of others.  The more value we add to others, the more valuable we become.  The key to this is doing what it takes to FEEL GOOD ALL THE TIME.




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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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