February 28: Mindset

Mindset is everything.  What we think is electrical in nature and becomes what we say.  What we say becomes what we do.  What we do becomes the who we identify as in our body, our character, and our personality.  ALL of this leads to how we FEEL, which is magnetic in nature.  All of these things contribute to the lives we create, the way we interact with others, and how others respond to us.

Focusing on our mindset, our beliefs, our personal philosophies, our perspectives, and what we think about and consistently focus upon, therefore, is of the utmost importance.

Years ago I was suffering the effects of a 15 year depressive streak, during which I was suicidal for the entirety of that time.  The thing that literally saved me?  With help,  I got off all prescribed medications and was able to finally realize that my thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, and my mindset, were entirely up to me.  Once I decided to change those things, my whole world changed.  Thankfully, for the better.  It was INCREDIBLY difficult, at first, and it took a lot of time and energy, but this shift in mindset empowered me to save myself, from myself, and begin creating an alternate personal reality that is FAR more beautiful, meaningful, fulfilling, and productive, than I ever experienced before, and if I can do it, ANYONE can.

I began by saving my favorite quotes and re-reading them and focusing on them, daily.  It changed my belief system, the way I perceived EVERYTHING, and what I consistently thought about and focused on.  It literally saved and improved my life.  Doing this ONE simple, easy, little thing, made me think about MYSELF differently.  I realized that I COULD be consistent at something, and that one small shift ALTERED AND UPGRADED MY SELF IMAGE.  Once I was consistent with this one thing, I began to wonder what else I could be consistent at.  I worked on nutrition, exercise, sleep, and meditating, becoming consistent with these things, as well.  Quotes, beliefs, and sayings are literally PROGRAMMING TOOLS that we can use to re-program our OWN minds and upgrade our SELF IMAGE.


What exactly do you WANT to create?  What do you WANT to think about and focus on?  Is what you think about and focus on all day long a cyclical, repeating set of programs SOMEONE ELSE put into your mind as a young child?  Is it time to upgrade the programs on your brain’s personal hard drive with more useful, effective programs that will empower you, help you gain momentum, and progressively create and expand into MORE of the WHAT you really are, and the WHO you WANT to be more of?

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple shift in thinking and believing, to alter the mindset we have and the trajectory of our lives forever in a really big way.

As we grow up we adopt the beliefs of our parents and those around us because we trust them.  At some point we have to face the reality that we need to decide what we truly believe for ourselves, rather than pleasing others by adopting the mindset and beliefs they want us to.  We need to make sure that these beliefs coincide with our goals, the targets we are aiming at, our “why,” and our purpose. Are our beliefs, perspectives, habits, ways of operating in this world, and mindset really ours, or are they someone else’s?

Eventually, we can choose to make the decision to embrace a personal and unique mindset, a set of core values, the personal principles, and beliefs, that will help and empower us as much as possible on our daily, consistent journey towards doing things WE want to do, for ourselves and the ones we love.

What is the set of beliefs that will empower me to accomplish what I WANT to accomplish in my life?  What skills do I need to learn and practice?  If I were to start over today, with a blank slate, and create a completely new and improved version of myself and the desired results of MY idea of a perfect life, what beliefs about myself, others, and the world in general would help and empower me to get there quickest?

Today’s challenge for myself:  Today I will start to decide the exact mindset I want in order to accomplish my goals and hit the target I am aiming at so I can live out a purposeful, fulfilling life of helping and empowering myself and others.  

When it comes to MINDSET, Carol Dweck is the first person to turn to.  Her book, Mindset, is one of my favorite books.  I was first introduced to her on the YouTube show, Impact Theory.

Tom Bilyeu has helped and empowered me to shape and mold my mindset in SO MANY beneficial ways. I’m grateful to have come across him in my search for ways to improve personal growth and happiness.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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