The most important step of obtaining the life that we want truly is GRATITUDE.

They say attitude is latitude. Well so is gratitude!

Having an attitude of gratitude and making it a habit to list EVERYTHING we have to be thankful for will help rewire our brains physically, chemically, and hormonally, rendering us progressively more capable of a positive outlook and will program us to look for the good in our every day life.

Being thankful and expressing gratitude will attract more good things and people into our lives.

Years ago my dad gave me a book when I was going through an INCREDIBLY rough time in my life.  It is called, “The Secret”.  Within its pages I came upon a section all about gratitude.

Because of what I read in the stories I learned about in that book I decided to try an experiment. For one month every day I came up with a mental list in my mind of everything I had to be grateful for. The first week it took me about five or six minutes to think of everything I was grateful for. By the end of the month I was thinking of things during my shower, my breakfast and my 6 mile bicycle  ride to work!

Starting my day out this way changed the way that I was thinking about everything throughout each day. The transformation was amazing! After just a month of doing it, it hadn’t yet become a habit and I slipped into my old negative ways of thinking. I noticed a huge difference in the way I was thinking about things, the way I was talking, and the way I was living. Truly, having that attitude of gratitude is transformational-especially when we make it a daily habit or a part of our daily routine.

Now, each morning when I awake, I climb into the shower and make a mental note of everything I have to be grateful for. It’s an excellent way to start out the day.  This one habit, which I have practiced now for YEARS has forever transformed my outlook, mindset, perspectives, beliefs, and abilities, empowering me to be a FAR greater creator of my personal reality, and it will do the same for ANYONE who is courageous, bold, and wise enough to try it for themselves.  I really believe that.

Are you SICK AND TIRED of being sick and tired?  Try the habitual practice of GRATITUDE.

I challenge you to try it out for every day in this next month to come.  Pay attention to the way you feel, think and act after each week. Notice the difference it makes.  If it is helpful, try it out for the entire next YEAR, and observe the synchronicities and miracles that begin to appear in your life.

I would love to hear from anyone who tries this out. I would love to hear about how it changes your mood, the way you feel about yourself, or your life in anyway.

Gratitude is the first step to getting good in the head. Once you have your mind you can do anything! You can be anything you want to be! You simply have to believe it…

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