January 17: Re-Commitment

In order to quickly and easily accomplish them, it is useful if we re-commit to our goals, each and every day.  We NEED to re-focus on what we want daily, repetitively, and consistently, in order to actually achieve what we want, become more of who we want to be, and continue to progress, improve, and evolve.  If we don’t, we will be bombarded with the distractions of every-day life, left at the end of it all wondering what happened, and curious as to where all the time went.

We can choose, each and every day, to re-commit to being the best version of our self we can possibly be for today.  It is through small, easy, incremental steps, one day at a time, that we will be capable of experiencing even more.  

I think that consistency is more important than intensity, but they are both important.

A consistent morning routine, which eventually becomes a habit that is automated and easy to accomplish, may just be the key to it ALL.  When we wake up, immediately focused on WHAT WE WANT TO FOCUS ON AND PROGRAM OUR MINDS WITH FOR THE DAY, it is MUCH more likely to serve and empower us, than if we wake up, spend the morning rushed and stressed, running late, and REACTING to every day life, rather than CREATING it.

All work and no play may make Jack a dull boy, but all play and no work makes Jack an unsuccessful, lazy, and dependent drain on family and society, which ABSOLUTELY will eventually lead to depression, anxiety, feelings of worthlessness, and possibly even suicide.  I know this from personal experience.  I have been that pitiful, weak, undisciplined version of Jack.  I think it is much more enjoyable to find our balance or our middle ground, in which we are able to operate most effectively, and really learn how to take care of ourselves.  What is the alternative?  Is that alternate reality of imbalance, pain, suffering, and unhappiness, really anything that ANY of us TRULY, continuously want to continuously experience?  For years I wanted to die to escape the suffering of life, but in retrospect I now realize I just wanted the suffering to end.  I had to learn how to make that happen, and if I can learn that, ANYONE can.

We can use our goals and our daily routines and rituals as tools to keep moving.

Keep at them!  Make them a habit.  Keep doing the hard things and experiencing the discomfort of growth until it is easy and comfortable, and then get REALLY relentless, and DO IT SOME MORE.


-The Universe

Today I will review my goals and re-focus on them, ensuring that EVERYTHING I do today, and EVERYTHING I choose to think about and focus on will bring me closer to achieving them.

Every day I will strive to be the best version of myself I can possibly be.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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