June 19: Break Down The Wall


Many times in life we are hurt by others.  This is simply a fact of life which is bound to happen sooner or later.  Our misperceptions, misunderstanding, misinterpretations, and the meanings and definitions we choose to attach to all that is happening can really cause a lot of suffering.  Many of us build walls, emotionally, to deal with situations, abusive people, and other problems.  We stop being friendly.  We stop trusting.  We stop trying to form bonds and connections with others.  We develop habitual practices, patterns, and survival skills to weaken and lessen the emotional trauma.  Many times, these useful survival patterns become addictive patterns that comfort and protect us, temporarily distracting us from our suffering.

Building this wall may protect us for a while, or even for the rest of our lives.  It may also hinder us from the progressive learning experiences and exquisite enjoyment opportunities which life has to offer.

PAIN is something that happens to us ONCE.  SUFFERING happens when we choose to relive that one painful moment, over and over again, in our minds.

It is okay to get hurt and to feel bad and to learn to deal with hurt and disappointments.  It is okay to learn to forgive, and give others the second and third chances we sometimes wish for and need ourselves.  It’s okay to forgive ourselves for the survival skills we picked up along the way and have practiced for so long.  It is okay to begin practicing trusting our own judgment again.  

It is normal to get hurt.  It is a part of the process of life.  Pain is inevitable.  We WILL BE victimized.  Suffering and remaining a victim, however, is a choice WE get to make.

The most incredibly documented case of this that I have found is Viktor Frankl’s book, MAN’S SEARCH FOR MEANING, where he beautifully and descriptively tells the horrific story of his own, personal, unique experiences as a persecuted and tortured Jewish man in the Nazi camps, during World War II.  I highly recommend listening to this book, or re-reading it, even if it has crossed your radar before.  It could be especially helpful during THIS particular point in time, with all that is going on in the world.

Sometimes, nothing is more helpful than a simple shift in the way we are choosing to look at things, or a DAILY PERSPECTIVE SHIFT.  With a slight alteration and upgrade in perception, our world can quickly go from dark, hopeless, and miserable, to beautiful, incredible, full of LOVE, and something to be incredibly grateful for.

You can quickly and easily find a free link to MAN’S SEARCH FOR MEANING, on YouTube.

If we are to fully enjoy ALL of the emotions and experiences of life, we simply need to start working towards breaking down our walls.  We can allow ourselves to trust and to feel.  We can trust and allow ourselves to let it all go and to heal.  By doing so, we open ourselves up to being and feeling vulnerable.  We open ourselves up to being hurt or damaged again.  That is okay.  This is how we also enjoy finding and trusting the people in our lives that become our own personal miracles.  This is how we fully experience all that life has to offer.  Without the one, we cannot have and enjoy the other, as we are meant to.

EVERYTHING is information, allowing us LIMITLESS opportunities to learn practicing skills like pivoting, adopting new beliefs and habits, recalibrating, and constantly upgrading our abilities to more beautifully create and more effectively interact with EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.


Today I will break down my walls, step out of my safe and protected “norm” and allow myself to be vulnerable, but I will also remember to be wise with WHO I choose to allow myself to be vulnerable around.  I will learn how to practice more fully enjoying all that this life has to offer me.

Lisa Bilyeu started a show on YouTube called, WOMEN OF IMPACT.  This interview, in particular, has helped me to tear down my wall and empowered me with some tools to enjoy life more fully.  I hope it does the same for you.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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