June 29: By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them

Someone once posted a picture of a seed that had just broken apart, taken root, and was starting to sprout.  The caption was something like, “To someone who has never before seen the process of growth, watching a seed begin to sprout would look like total destruction.”

How true, and how much like a seed our life can be!  I related to this immediately.  I went through a period in total darkness, buried by what seemed like tons of dirt, where my shell broke apart and I felt like I was completely destroyed.  I thought it all would end, only to find out that I had taken root, had sprouted, and had started to grow!  Things like the nutrition in the dirt, sunlight, and water were imperative to growth.  I likened these things to helpful people, family members, content providers, and chosen mentors in my life, and exposure to new experiences and wisdom.  Now, I am a small sapling, on my way to becoming a great, big fruit tree.


I look all around me at all of the other seeds that have come apart and busted through the dirt towards growth, all around.  I see all of the other saplings of different shapes and sizes.  I am in the middle of, and a part of, a beautiful forest.  I wonder in awe at the enormous trees which have been growing for centuries and have been baring and sharing their fruit.  That fruit feeds so many, and the seeds left over from the fruit that falls from the trees, helps to create more trees all around it.  All the while, birds and all kinds of other animals are carrying these seeds to all of the different lands and other parts of the world.  The seeds of wisdom and healing are spreading, and so are the trees and the fruit these trees bare.

EVERYONE benefits from personal growth, and from the growth of others.

This entire process can be likened unto mindset.  Some of us are seeds.  Some of us are saplings.  Others are enormous trees who have been baring and sharing fruit and spreading the fruit all over the world.  Sometimes, these trees only see the immediate effects of the small forest they have created around them.  They are completely unaware of the reach they have had indirectly through birds and other methods of seeds being scattered all over the world.  These trees are completely unaware of the forests that have been created by the sharing of their seeds, all over the world.

Today I will be grateful for who I am and remember to focus on accomplishing my goals in order to become a big, beautiful fruit tree, so that I will be able to bare and share fruit.  Today, I will thank someone who has helped me in my life who may not even realized that they have done so.  

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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