March 2: Acceptance and Letting Go

Sometimes we are unhappy where we are in our life journey.  Sometimes we are unhappy with our current situation or who we have become.

It is helpful to adopt the belief that where we are is EXACTLY where we NEED to be in THIS moment.  Most of the time, if we are completely honest with ourselves, we will find that we are exactly where we deserve to be.

Life has a way of kicking our teeth in, breaking us down, and even destroying us, simply to offer us the opportunity to try again, and to build ourselves back up stronger, wiser, and better, and empowering us to earn the title of RELENTLESS.

It takes a lot of courage, ESPECIALLY during difficult times, to consistently believe that everything happening TO us is actually happening FOR us, but when we choose to believe that this life, this world, and this Universe was designed from the beginning to conspire on our behalf, it is much easier to let go of the illusion or the need of control, be accepting of our best as good enough, allowing the beautiful plan to take effect in our lives, and just BE.

When we are able to accept all things as they are, believing them to be perfect as is, it is proof that we have finally learned to accept ourselves as the perfection that WE are, as is.  We were born perfect spiritual beings into a human experience, then taught to think of ourselves in this human form as imperfect, as though WE ARE these bodies-but the reality is that we are still perfect spiritual beings, experiencing the human experience.

I used to say, “There is a reason for everything”.  Now I say, “There is purpose in all things.”  I feel this may be more accurate.  Bad things, horrendous things, happen all the time to innocent people and children.  It is difficult to believe that there could possibly be purpose behind something like this, but maybe the purpose behind it is that it sparks something within us, awakens our humanity, compassion, and anger, which then motivates us to go out and fight for those who can’t yet fight for themselves.

I believe we are all at different stages in our own very personal and unique life journey or life experience.  Accepting all that has happened to us, letting it go, and working toward the goal of bettering our “self” every day to the best of our ability for the benefit of those around us will lead us to living a more fulfilling life.

Today’s challenge for myself:  Today I will try to see a purpose in a difficult situation i am now having or have recently experienced, and try to find a way that going through those difficulties may have somehow changed me for the better.  

There are a few books I enjoy that are about LETTING GO.
THE LANGUAGE OF LETTING GO, by Melody Beattie, and LETTING GO, The Pathway of Surrender, by Dr. David R. Hawkins. I highly recommend these books.

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