November 9: Energy Protection, Conservation, and Production

When I am tired or in pain, there is a noticeable decline in my cognitive capabilities and a definite decline in my level of patience.  My willpower goes out the window, my level of self-control is compromised, and I am definitely not my best self.  I am of no benefit to anyone.  There is a noticeable decline in the quality of my thoughts, the way I speak, and the actions I take.  When I am tired, I am weak, and I sometimes revert back to old ways, old habits, and run the risk of running back to old addictions for comfort or a temporary distraction.

When I am tired or in pain, it is important for me to recognize it, and then to take actions to deal with it appropriately.  If I am not careful I can and will cause my personal relationships to suffer by saying or doing things I would not normally say and do.  Done enough times, trust and connections are lost and this diminished way of thinking, speaking, and acting becomes a habit.

I have started to realize the importance of a routine and a schedule.  I am also starting to realize the importance of rest, recovery, and time for healing, being an integral part of that routine and schedule.

The benefit of eating healthily, getting a proper amount of sleep, exercise, and doing certain things at certain times with consistency, for me, is huge.  

Having a consistent routine which I adhere to daily, grounds me, centers me, and helps me refocus on the important things.  Having a consistent routine causes my personal relationships to flourish instead of suffer, and causes people to trust me and to trust themselves around me.  It makes me more predictable, reliable, and safe for others, as well as for myself.  Having a consistent routine creates an internal environment for me which is stabilizing, consistent, strong, and predictable.  It creates time to re-align with my true nature, then to adapt, adjust, and recalibrate to a higher, more expanded way of being.  It helps me to create an environment with others which fosters trust, caring, empathy, compassion, kindness, warmth, and love.  Most importantly, I build credibility with myself because of this consistency, predictability, and stability.

Having a daily routine has helped me tremendously.  As a part of my daily routine I include such things as regularly practiced breathing exercises (box method breathing), practicing gratitude at the beginning of each day, reading and writing (I read daily from the book The Language of Letting Go and I write daily to process or remind myself of things I’ve been thinking about,) I eat a healthy breakfast and pack a meal and snacks for the day as I listen to Jim Rohn or other uplifting, empowering content on YouTube, and I focus throughout the day on being as consistent in my moods and energy levels as I possibly can.  I end each day with an exercise routine I can do in the gym or at home which includes stretching, a yoga ball, a roller, and planks.  If I feel like I can do more, I lift weights, go on a hike or a walk, or ride my bike.  The most important part of my days is getting enough sleep and my vitamin regimen, including multivitamins and Q96 Empower Plus, all of which which I began taking in 2014.  Since 2014, I have stopped taking all mood stabilizers and antidepressants that the doctors said I would never be able to live a “normal” life without.

This is what has worked for me in helping me remain consistent with my moods and energy levels.  We are all different and what works for one of us will not work for all of us.  We must all search and experiment to find what is best for us as individuals.  Consistency is the key.

I believe it is important for each of us to figure out what works best for us, as individuals, and learn what helps us to be the best, most effective version of ourselves we can possibly be, at all times.  There are always improvements that each of us can make, and there is always a higher quality of enjoyment in life waiting for us to discover or create and enjoy it.  The key may be as simple as remembering and reminding ourselves that we project that which we are on the inside onto the blank screens of life, and the filters through which we see EVERYTHING are our perspectives and beliefs.  At any moment we choose, we can upgrade these two things.  To project something more beautiful, we can re-align with our true nature and project THAT.

Today I will think of regularly scheduled things I can do that will set me up for success throughout my day.  I deserve a better, more improved life, and I know it is up to me to create it, each and every day.

For a detailed example of habits and tools I have experimented with, please see The goodinthehead Habit Hacking Challenge.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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