Our GREATEST GIFTS often come to us through the acknowledgment and acceptance of our GREATEST WEAKNESSES.

By experience extreme contrasts in life we learn.  ALL results are information, or data teaching us how to improve and try again differently.

It is through the enjoyment of consistent comfort and ease that we allow ourselves to become WEAK.


During an interview with one of the world’s most prolific BJJ coaches, it was stated that this generation is a weak one.  When he was asked why he thought this is true, he explained that because we have enjoyed so much abundance, wealth, pleasure, and ease in our lives, and because we have it so good (and we really do, compared to so many other people all over the world), we have become soft and weak, both mentally and physically.

Difficulties and challenges make us stronger because of the skills we acquire in order to deal and cope with the difficulties and challenges.  Our difficulties and challenges in life are a blessing.  Things are happening FOR us, not TO us.  The Universe is conspiring on our behalf.  It always has, and it always will.  That is simply the way it was designed to work, from the very beginning.

I have a theory that because of the LAWS this Universe has to follow that when we constantly choose a life of ease it MUST insert difficulties into our lives for us to grow, and when we CHOOSE our difficulties and discomforts, PURPOSEFULLY, and grow INTENTIONALLY through doing hard things, the Universe no longer has to do this for us.

How do we root out weakness from our lives?  How can we turn our weaknesses into strengths?  What are some things YOU have done in the past that have worked well for you?  How can we empower the future generations with the wisdom and knowledge needed to more efficiently optimize THEIR life experience, and empower them to be stronger and more capable of facing the challenges and difficulties that are inevitably and necessarily heading their way?  How can we inspire ourselves and others to INTENTIONALLY do hard things?

Today I will take a good look at my mind, body, and spirit, and note any weaknesses I want to improve upon, make a plan to do something daily to work towards these improvements, and I will get to work.  I will remember that consistency, repetition, and discipline are the keys, and that consistency creates a conversion and convergence of circumstances that will serve and save me.  When I am predictably consistent, the Universe is then capable of aligning ALL that which will benefit me most through serendipity and synchronicity.  

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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