“I don’t believe in mistakes.  EVERYTHING, no matter how horrible, destructive, painful or bad it may be-whether they do it to us or we do it to them-is in some way, no matter how big or small-EVENTUALLY for our own greater good.  EVERYTHING.  Only after we realize this, learn this, know this for ourselves by going through hell and being burned by the fire will we truly learn gratitude.  Only by being truly grateful will we be truly happy.  Embrace your tragedies!  Embrace your pain!  FEEL IT ALL.  It is at this moment the universe is about to sling shot you from the depths of despair to the most beautiful heights of your eternal existence.”

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  1. Short but meaningful. I like it. The bold words definitely add power to the message and make the reader feel invigorated. Like they can reach out and grab hold of their life if they just get up and strain a little.

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