Personalized Meditation/Visualization Practices

In March, 2019, I began a twice-daily meditation practice.  I had been hearing and learning about meditation, and how most of the incredibly healthy, happy, and financially wealthy people in the world all had this one thing in common, but I was too scared and confused to start.  When I cam across the interview with on the YouTube show, Impact Theory, featuring Emily Fletcher, I finally committed to trying it, and immediately bought the audio version of her book, called, STRESS LESS, ACCOMPLISH MORE.  I can honestly say that in 2014, when I experienced my own, personal awakening, I wish that this was the first thing that I had come across.  Beginning this practice is like watching a light continuously getting brighter in an extremely dark room, as if controlled by a dimmer switch.  The dark room is my mind, and the bright light is the Universe.

My mom once told me:  “Prayer is like when we talk to God and express our deepest desires and gratitude, and send an energy out into the Universe about what we want to create and what we think we deserve.  Meditation is when we open our minds and allow God and the Universe to send us the energies, wisdom, knowledge, and strength that we need, in order to create the life we want and deserve.”

Reminder to self:  Make sure you practice both prayer and meditation.

It is through repeated, consistent, practiced meditative and visualization habits, that we can create on a whole new life and a whole new level of energy.  It all starts on the inside.  We can create any reality we desire to experience in this lifetime for ourselves and for those we love.  It all starts in the mind.  When we can first see and envision what we want in our mind’s  eye, we can then decide what to do consistently, and daily, in order to make it happen.

We can’t BE what we can’t SEE.” – Jay Shetty

If we decide EXACTLY what we want in 10 years, we can break it all down and reverse-engineer it into daily action items, weekly checklists, and monthly practices, that IF we repeat, will lead to EXACTLY what we want.  We have to be able to see it in our minds eye, first.  It all starts on the inside.

It all comes down to what we focus on.  If we turn ALL of our attention to one thing, in just a short period of time, all of the other things we were focusing on will fall out of our lives or disappear completely.  If we focus on what we want, instead of what we don’t want, the things we want will begin to be more prevalent in our lives, while the things we don’t want will disappear out of our lives, forever, unless we choose to focus upon them again.

Dr.Joe Dispenza shared video in his Ted talk of neurons reaching out to each other to connect during a thought.  A thought thunk once will create a connection of neurons for a few hours or days.  If the thought isn’t repeated, the neurons uncouple and detach, recruited by other neurons which ARE being used much more in other, repeated thoughts.  This is exactly why what we focus on consistently is so important.  The things we no longer give attention to actually PHYSICALLY, CHEMICALLY, AND HORMONALLY, cause the neurons which were once connected to uncouple, as they are recruited to form the pathways for the thoughts we choose to give attention to.

When we focus intently upon creating an inner environment that propels us towards personal progression, improvement, and growth, it is simply a matter of time before our outer, physical, world manifests a mirror image of the internal environment we have created.  Good, or bad, this is just the way it IS.


This is why it is so incredibly important to be aware, intentional, and decided, upon what we will and will not allow to occupy space in our minds.

Knowing and doing are two, completely different things.  Knowledge is not power.  Knowledge is the potential for power.  Only action based upon knowledge will create the results which will BECOME power, turning it into wisdom.

To create an individualized, unique, Personalized Meditation/Visualization practice, answer these questions, and decide exactly what actions, habits, daily routines, and beliefs it would take to make it happen.


  • What exactly do you desire to manifest into reality in your own life?  What EXACTLY do you want your life to be and look like ten years from now?  Who is the EXACT person you want to be?  What are all of the characteristics, habits, attributes, and beliefs that you would have to be practicing and being on a daily basis in order for you to be that EXACT person?
  • What is your idea of the perfect life?  Again, remember to dream big.
  • Take a look at your own needs, wants, and desires for these areas of your life:  Spiritual, financial, physical, emotional, educational, personal, and social.  What EXACTLY do you want?

This is an example of my own, personal, visualization practice, which I am trying to make a consistent, habitual part of my nightly routine.  As I read it each night, I try to imagine exactly how it will feel:  (This has been transformative, and I highly suggest giving it a go.)

Daily questions- (Create an excel spreadsheet with a weekly report card and graph.  This idea was inspired by Marshall Goldsmith, who is one of the world’s greatest Leadership Optimization Coaches.)

  1. How many times did you try to help someone who had no desire to be helped?  (I had to learn to allow people to come to me for inspiration, guidance, help, encouragement, and empowerment, instead of trying to go to them and force it on them.  “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  I don’t consider myself a teacher-I will forever remain a student, but when people are seeking for the message I have to share, it is so much easier to share my message.)
  2. Did you work out? (Walking, planks, stretching, weights, etc.)
  3. Did you write anything to improve the web site? (Add items to sell, create quotes to advertise, add a community forum/chat group, make on-line mindset classes available, on-line life coaching sessions available, public speaking availability, etc.)
  4. Did you improve your mind? *You must exercise your brain just like a muscle! Use it or lose it.  (I “improve my mind” by listening to interviews, and podcasts, reading books, writing daily, having deep and meaningful discussions that challenge my thoughts and beliefs, etc.)
  5. Did you compliment someone?  (This is a beneficial practice/habit to get into.  Consistency creates a conversion of circumstances, and complimenting others consistently contributes to an environment of kindness, growth, and emotional rewards for self and others.  We must, however, beware to not create an environment in which compliments are a necessity for someone to feel valuable or worthy and enables them to seek only compliments, and only work hard or well JUST for compliments.  balance and hones, truthful compliments work best.)
  6. Did you make at least $200 today, at work?  Did you make at least $500 today from the website?  I’ve never made at least $200 ANY day at work, and I’ve never made a dime, yet, from the website, but these are things I WANT to do.)


Think about what your life will look like by the age of 55 if you answer yes to all of the questions above, every day.  Where will you live?  Who will you be?  What does your house look like?  What car are you driving?  Where will you travel?  Who will you be working with and helping the most?  What will you be doing to connect with and help others?  How much do you have to give?  What will you give?

See others coming to you for help, hope, empowerment, encouragement, and advice.  Connect with others on a deep, meaningful, spiritual level as you share love, kindness, and healing energy.  See the vibrational energies within you constantly, consistently growing as you share and give to others.

See your body healing rapidly.  Watch in awe as your body and mind heal exponentially more quickly.  See the energy flow and pulsate through your brain and body, healing and strengthening your mind.  With each breath in, healing energies flow through you in entirety.  With each breath out, you exhale all illness, weakness, anger, sadness, and stress, until all you are exhaling are healing energies, which are quickly and efficiently spread towards others.

See the website gaining followers and sharers, exponentially.  See people awakened by the words they read, the things they hear, and the videos they watch.  Envision them engulfed in excitement as they are exposed to new, helpful, effective tools, that will empower them to heal and to help themselves and others.  See yourself conversing with all of your mentors, sharing your story and what tools you have learned along the way, to share with others to aid them in their own, self-healing routines and habits.

See your mind growing in strength, endurance, and connections, as you continue to research, read, write, and listen to wise, amazing, helpful, content-providers.  See the neurons fire together and wire together, grow together, and strengthen continuously and exponentially with each passing moment.  See your intelligence growing.  See your memory improving.  See your vocabulary expanding.  See your memory continue to improve.  See your capabilities as an Influencer expand, exponentially, as you continue to consistently perform at a higher and higher vibrational energy level, remembering that consistency creates a conversion of circumstances.  See your effectiveness grow, spread, help, and empower more and more people.  See your knowledge growing, allowing you to help and empower others more effectively and efficiently every day.  See this knowledge vibrate and pulsate as a growing energy which attracts more and more knowledge, and which attracts more like-minded energies and more like-minded souls.

See yourself genuinely and honestly complementing others and their characteristics of beneficial value with ease and consistency.  See them paying it forward and doing the same for others.  See the light, love, and positive, healing energies, created through this consistent practice. 

Envision wealth.  See financial independence being attracted to you.  What will you do with all that money?  Who will you help and how will you empower them with all of that money?   Envision yourself reaching, helping, and empowering more and more people because you have more money.  

See yourself buying and renting out section 8 housing to single parents.  See the happiness and smiles of their children being raised in safe, healthy environments.  See the tenants becoming inspired and motivated to improve and progress, each and every day.  Envision their happiness, spreading from their minds and into their lives, as they plant gardens, paint picket fences out front, and play in the nearby park.  See yourself purchasing entire neighborhoods to do this with.  See the happiness, joy, constantly improving health, and safety, which everyone enjoys. 

See neighborhoods just like Sunshine Acres growing, expanding, and lifting up the spirits of young ones, as they grow up happy and healthy.  Enjoy the ever-growing vision of the love, generosity, gratitude, and happiness of everyone involved!  Envision the incredible levels of healing that these safe environments are attributed to.

See millions of people expanding their minds and increasing their vibrational energies through your website, and the many links to additional information, each month.  See yourself giving knowledge, advice, inspiration, energy, and love to others, which then they also do as they make better choices, make more money, and enjoy an even more fulfilling and meaningful life.

See yourself remaining calm in every situation.  See your healing and your vibrational energy levels growing and expanding always and forever.  Feel your body, mind, and your Divine Spark, being energized continuously as you live a fulfilling, valuable, connected, amazing life of light and love.  Envision the smiling faces of your loved ones.  Remember the happiest moments of your entire life, and feel how it felt to live that moment, all over again.

(Every time we say ANY word after the words, “I AM,” we are in a state of creation.  WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT.  WE ALSO BECOME WHAT WE TELL OURSELVES WE ARE.  The subconscious mind listens to EVERY word, and searches for what it needs and wants to see, in order to make what we are telling it into reality.  This teaching was inspired by an interview I heard on Lewis Howes’ show, featuring Marisa Peer, and also the incredibly insightful and enlightening teachings of Dr. Bruce Lipton.  I highly recommend researching these two individuals.)

I am a pillar of strength.  I am grounded.  I am centered, always.  I am fit and wealthy in ALL areas of my life.  I am confident.  I am capable.  I am open, honest, and transparent.  I am highly intelligent.  I am consistent.  I am constantly being energized and I am constantly healing.  I am persistent.  I am respectfully defiant.  I am curious and I question everything.  I am disciplined.  I learn quickly and I remember everything.  I make important connections, which solidify in my mind immediately, to be shared later, as wisdom, at the perfect time, for others to benefit the most from.  I am personally accountable and responsible.  I am an excellent communicator and entertainer.  I am in control of my mind and of my destiny.  I am a creator.  I am generous.  I am giving.  I am a source of strength and inspiration for others.  It is easy and effortless for me to connect with others on a deep level.  I am financially responsible.  I am more and more financially responsible, each and every day.  I am patient with myself and others.  I feel things deeply, and I love that about myself.  I am highly emotional, and that is a strength, not a weakness.  I am an influential writer and speaker.  I am PERFECT, just the way I am, because I ALWAYS strive to do my very best, and I am getting better each day.  I am a HIGHLY IMPACTFUL INFLUENCER.  

*DO BREATHING EXERCISES. (I fall asleep doing box breathing, which is a technique the Navy SEALS use.)



In my opinion, nothing could be more incredibly empowering than consistently learning how to create something so helpful to add to your own daily routine, in order to manifest the exact reality you want and deserve.  Reading and recording it, putting it to relaxing music, and listening to it each night may be preferable to some, rather than reading it over and over.  The key, however, at least in my own opinion, is repetition.  Strengthening those neural connections and bonds comes through repetitively thinking and doing the same things.  I know it works because I have been doing it for years now, and am STILL seeing improvements, evolution, progress, and growth, in ANYTHING I choose to repeat and practice.  The hard work and boredom of repetition isn’t exciting or sexy, but the results speak for themselves.  How badly do you REALLY want what you REALLY WANT?


One of the most incredible teachers we can learn from about the subject of change, improvement, HEALING, and creating the exact life we want and deserve, is Dr. Joe Dispenza.  I highly recommend diving deep into his world, researching his content, writings, and videos.  His Ted talk is especially informative and amazing.


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