Pricing for Personal Planning Sessions


The price of your first, personal planning session is only $45.  Each hour-long session to follow will be only $20, and only when you want or need it to happen.


  • You email me at with a request for a Personal Planning Session.
  • Before your Personal Planning Session,  a questionnaire with specific questions to fill out will be sent, through email.  This is used by me to get to know you a little better before we schedule a session, in order to fully optimize the time which we will spend together.  All information will be kept strictly confidential.  Along with the questionnaire, I will ask for your current location and time zone, the best times for you to talk, and I will send you a link to my PayPal account.
  • After I receive your email, we will decide which video platform is best for you with which we can communicate.  (Skype, Facebook Messenger Video, etc.)  We will also set up a time to talk.
  • After the session, a follow-up email will be sent out.  It will include more questions and a summary of our discussion, with the outline of the easy-to-follow plan for the next month that we co-created.  Daily messages will be sent to your email or Facebook messenger app.  We will check in with one another through email, once a week.
  • *As an added bonus, you will have FULL access to the first goodinthehead class, all about Personal Healing.  it includes a printable version of the class, a workbook, and a page from the goodinthehead calendar, to easily keep track of your progress.

To take immediate action, and benefit from this opportunity, please email me (Pete) at so I can send you a questionnaire, and we can get started.

I am so excited to connect with you on a deep, meaningful, purpose-filled level, and to share the tools I have researched and learned that have helped and empowered me to heal and create the life of my dreams!  Let’s get started co-creating the life of yours…

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