September 17: Choose To Be Happy Today

Happiness is a choice.  When we wake up, choose to be happy no matter what, then follow through with actions we are able to take in order to be happy throughout the day, no matter what may happen to us, the day usually goes well.  We tend to feel better when we take as much control as possible over the things we can do, and simply do the very best we are capable of doing, rather than allowing the distracting situations, people, and circumstances throughout the day take control of us by affecting our inner, emotional state.

At any time, of any day, we are capable of taking a moment to be silent, check in, re-ground, and continue on, living each moment intentionally, and on purpose.  Happiness doesn’t come from people, places, or things.  It only comes from within.  We sometimes choose to assign meanings and definitions to interactions, relationships, places, and things, which distract us, eroding away at and destroying contentedness and peace.  We can choose, instead, to be happy in the present moment.  We can choose to be peaceful in the here and now.  We can choose this every moment, one moment at a time.


One of the most incredible books I have come across that has empowered me to practice the skill of presence, is the book, THE POWER OF NOW, by Eckhart Tolle.  An audio version can be found on YouTube FOR FREE.

Storms may rage, armies may conspire against us, but still, we can be at peace and contentment within.  The choice is ours.  We don’t have to overreact to every situation!  That, too, is a choice, which may have been practiced so much that it has become a habit, or a chemical, hormonal, and emotional addiction, which our body and brain has accepted as its emotional and physical baseline.  With practice, we can change this.  Or, we can choose to keep it as it is.  We are not victims.  The choice is OURS.

Many times, unexpected things arise in our lives.  Some of these things can be incredibly disruptive, distracting, and devastating, depending upon how we choose to react, how we choose to see it all, and the definitions and meaning we choose to attach to what happened.  It is entirely up to us how we react to each of these things.  If the first thought is made into a habit to react with, “No matter what happens I am in control of my happiness. I am the composer of my own inner harmony.  Nobody can take that away from me,” most of the time we will be able to react better, feel better, and have better outcomes throughout our day.

No matter what happens I am in control of my happiness. I am the composer of my own inner harmony.  My happiness and contentment is MY responsibility.

Sometimes people may try to control or manipulate our emotions.  Who cares why they do it-the important thing is to remember that WE can learn to control OURSELVES, and stop allowing others in and giving them control over our lives, our decisions, and our emotions.  If we consistently respond to any negative, manipulative, controlling behavior with, “I am in control of my happiness and my emotions.  You are not,” and we practice it and do it consistently until it becomes easy, miracles happen.  WE are the creators of our lives.  WE manifest of our destinies.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes a bad day keeps getting worse and a good day keeps getting better?  The things we habitually think, say, and do, as soon as we wake up, tend to create a baseline mood at the start of our day, gain traction, and then BUILD MOMENTUM.  What we choose to repeatedly focus on, during the first moments of our day, determines the direction of the momentum of the ENTIRE REST OF THE DAY.

Our mood tends to dictate the energy we put out and project into the world, the way we continue to think, the way we speak to and treat others, and the way our day will go.  The only thing we can truly control is our self, our reactions, and our own thoughts, words, and actions.

There are many examples of people throughout history who faced horrific tragedies and losses, but chose to remain happy.  Viktor Frankl is a great example of this.  How did he go through all that he did and yet flourish emotionally throughout his life?  His book, MANS SEARCH FOR MEANING is worth looking into.  The audio version can be found on YouTube FOR FREE.

One thing that helps the happy feeling stay or quickly return throughout the day is to regularly think of what we have in our lives at the current moment to be grateful and appreciative for.  There will always be something, and if we are able to habitually shift our minds back to that which we have already to be grateful and appreciative for, that which we focus on will change.  The energy we emit will improve.  The energy that is returned back to us will improve.  A daily, habitual gratitude practice, used as part of a morning routine, sets the tone and decides the momentum FOR THE ENTIRE REST OF THE DAY.

Something I love to do when I want to improve my mood and up-regulate my emotions is go to a folder on my phone with all of the pictures and videos I love most that make me feel the happiest.  This folder consists of pictures and videos of my loved ones, children, and grandchildren.

Energy is defined as a vibrational frequency which contains information.  The quality of this information, and the level of vibrational frequency we emit, THAT CREATES OUR PERSONAL REALITY IN EVERY MOMENT, depends entirely upon the quality of our thoughts and feelings.

Today I will choose to be happy, no matter what happens.  If I can only do it for a little while, I will remember that practice and repetition begets MASTERY, and that all I need to require of myself is that I do my very best.  I will remember that this life is about progress, not perfection, and that as I consistently do my best, my best will consistently get better.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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