September 26: Life is the bow, and we are the arrow.

Life is the bow and we are the arrow.

Just like the bow is used to pull back an arrow before it is launched forward, life is meant to pull us back, before we can be launched forward.

The further we are pulled back by the bow of life, the more potential we have to be shot forward out of the bow.  Sometimes, the arrow comes off the arrow rest on the bow and it falls to the ground, instead of being shot forward.  In life, it is our responsibility to learn to stay on the arrow rest, stay pointed in the right direction to hit the target, and to be shot forward when it is time to be freed.  It takes practice.

When life situations and other people get us down, sometimes we get into a deep, dark state.  Feel the darkness.  It’s okay to be in this place.  It’s part of the process.  Just remember not to stay there too long.  The darkness is meant to motivate and empower us.  It is there to help us level up and learn. As we acquire the strength and skills needed to expand out of this darkness, we are more capable of helping and empowering others to do the same.

Our ability to quickly get back up after a set back is imperative.  There is a refractory period between the time we experience a high state of emotions, like anger and frustration, to the time we are able to ease back into our baseline emotional state.  The shorter this time is, the less reactive we become and the more fulfilling, meaningful, and enjoyable our lives can become.

Andrew Huberman, the work-rebound neurologist, teaches a quick, easy breathing technique that allows us to immediately return to our baseline state of emotions.

I listen to a recording by Dr. Levry almost DAILY after learning that it is through REPETITION that we reprogram our SUBCONSCIOUS minds, which is responsible for running automatically and from which we act out our realities throughout each day 95% of the time.

Some of the most useful methods I have come across to help shorten this refractory period are meditation, the practice of gratitude, and practicing visualization.  Being able to retrain our brains, adopt new habits, and consistently practice these new ways, helps us to create a new life.

As the arrow, what are you pointed at?  What is your target?  Just keep aiming at it as life pulls you back, and know that you will soon be released, let go, and shot forward with purpose.

Today I will be the arrow.  I will be mindful and aware as to which direction I am pointing.  Either I am being pulled back or I am being shot forward.  I will keep aiming at my target.

Below are a few videos, supporting the tools of visualization, gratitude, meditation, and a consistent morning routine.  All of these tools, used and practiced consistently, will empower ANYONE who uses them regularly, to create the life of their dreams.  First this life is created in our minds, then the physical realm struggles and works FOR us, to make our creations an actual, physical reality.  The key to success, and the key to failure, is contained within this truth:  WE BECOME WHAT WE CONSISTENTLY THINK ABOUT.


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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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