In his latest interview with Tom Bilyeu on the YouTube show, IMPACT THEORY, Brendon Burchard describes how MASSIVELY underutilized VISUALIZATION is:

Jay Shetty, in HIS interview with Tom, teaches that WE CANNOT BE WHAT WE CANNOT SEE:

The 4 LIFE TOOLS that will empower ANYONE, no matter their current circumstances, to create the life of their dreams:

1-Beliefs.  EVERYTHING starts with beliefs!  Our perceptions of self and others are affected a great deal by the quality of our belief system, which we can ABSOLUTELY work on and level up!  I highly recommend questioning EVERY belief (so much easier said than done) and improving, altering, changing, abandoning, or replacing them ALL, to YOUR benefit.  A HIGHLY useful tool for doing this can be found at

2-Visualization.  Visualization is MASSIVELY underused as a self re-creation tool.  WE CANNOT BE WHAT WE CANNOT SEE.  We have more light GENERATORS at the other end of the optic nerve than we do light RECEPTORS at the eyes.  They are present for a reason!  They help with visualization, imagination, dreaming, and in acquiring clarity of our destiny.  The most useful and effective tool I have come across, so far, to optimize my OWN visualization practice, is Emily Fletcher’s book, STRESS LESS, ACCOMPLISH MORE.  Following her techniques has been TRANSFORMATIVE!  HER interview with Tom Bilyeu is the reason I FINALLY began the art and practice of meditation:

3-Self Affirmations.  ABRACADABRA literally translates from Aramaic (one of the oldest languages known to man) to WHAT I SPEAK I CREATE.  (See this INCREDIBLE Ted talk: )

The words I AM are a CREATION.  Whatever we speak, we program our RAS (Reticular Activating System) to pay attention to.  It then automatically seeks out situations, circumstances, and experiences to continuously recreate what we WANT to! 

For more on this self-recreation process, refer to this amazing, 8-minute YouTube video: 

The thing is, before we speak something into existence, we must first THINK that thing, BELIEVE in that thing, and be capable of VISUALIZING it.  The beginning of the CREATION process is to THINK, BELIEVE, VISUALIZE, and SPEAK.  Once we do these things with intense focus, for long enough, we generate the energy and create the momentum to DO something about it.  The SELF RE-CREATION PROCESS is exactly the same way!  

4-Repetition/Consistency.  When we consistently do our best, our best consistently gets better!!  Consistency creates a conversion and a convergence of situations, circumstances, and experiences that will FOREVER serve and save us.  It will seem like synchronicity, like the stars are aligned, and everything is always seemingly, magically going our way, but the truth is this:  The Universe was created from the beginning to conspire on our behalf, and when we are predictable, reliable, and dependable through our consistency, the Universe is empowered exponentially to more often, and better, conspire on our behalf!

These 4 LIFE TOOLS have helped and empowered MILLIONS of people over the centuries to create lives of MASSIVE wealth and abundance in ALL areas of life.  These tools, AND the incredible results that will follow, are a way to set ourselves up for success, take an active role in the SELF RE-CREATION PROCESS, and to create the life of OUR dreams, for ourselves, and everyone we love.

I wish you well on YOUR own personal, unique life journey.  May you experience more success, wealth, love, happiness, and abundance, than you are currently capable of visualizing.  

These things are meant to be a part of a daily practice, or routine.  If you liked this information, or found it informative or helpful, please share it!

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