Angela Goodwin

Well I was born in Yorkshire which shapes my values and my speech slightly.

Then I lived in Lincolnshire and I can kind of say I was born in a barn as I lived on a farm very early on.

Then I lived down south where I started my linguistic journey learning French.

Afterwards I went back up north and continued learning French.

Next, I went to the Cayman Islands and started learning Spanish.

This is where my story really begins because I start to become social.

It’s where I get my first friends but due to my accident, I radically change who I am.

I lose my mathematical ability and my ability to code, but my ability for language increases.

I also start enjoying socializing and guys.

I then meet my husband, who I’ve spent my life with ever since, more or less.

I go back to the uk after the hurricane and this is where I restart my disrupted education.

I start going to Greece, but don’t properly learn the language for many years.

I go to university, but find out I prefer being social to actually doing my degree.

I try many avenues to see what I’m actually good at, failing at each, after a while.

I then start traveling round the world.

I try for a baby but then my husband gets cancer.

I blog to cope with this and I’ve written 7 books on amazon under my name



The difficulty I face on a daily basis is being autistic.

My husband is dyslexic, so I assist him with his admin, as we have two companies-alpha structures, which provides vitral rooflight, windows and doors, plus goodwin letting. This is our student leggings company.

We also help out in Greece where we have a tourist rental company. Great water properties is the parent company, as the Greek company I can’t spell.  (It’s the Greek version of great water properties.)

My dream is that my husband is cured of leukemia, which he is well on the way to being, and he is doing a charity initiative to raise money to help others who are not quite so fortunate as himself.

He is on a wonder drug called nilotinib that is very focused and didn’t exist 10 years ago.

It’s very expensive so we’re lucky to live in the uk and get it for free-otherwise, it would be 32k+ per year.

I’m 34.

I was raised catholic until 7 but I was taught to value money, honesty, right and wrong, to be just all the things you would expect.

I hate people wasting food and I believe cleanliness is very important.

I learnt to be tidy and organized, as well as the language aspects you’re probably quite familiar with already.

My mum has undiagnosed dyslexia and I had undiagnosed autism despite my mums efforts for the first 17 years of my life.

My accident is what changed that.

I learnt that life is very hard if you’re different and you just want to fit in.


In the early days when you’re a teen you want so much to be cured but it’s what makes you different that will enable you to succeed. However, it will take a very long time before you discover how to utilize your differences to the best of your ability.


Also, that most people are not worth your time.

Even if you desperately want to feel like you belong.

My favorite place is actually Lefkás as it’s just such a beautiful place. It’s so laid back and relaxed.

This maybe idealistic as I haven’t really experienced it yet but my friend Angelos is going to help me to discover the real Lefkás this year hopefully. 🙂

I haven’t had any jobs because I’m not exactly 9-5 material.

I have helped in an ecology project, volunteered at university, a charity shop, and assisted when I was a prefect at my sixth form college.  I also did work experience in high school.  I filled in at a company we used to have answering the phone and doing web work, but I didn’t enjoy it. At uni I also was a student rep for making sure our kitchen was clean, so the staff actually cleaned it each week. The last item on the cv is the summer school I did for 2 weeks as a teen as a neighbor needed help.

Self-soothing is usually reading. I isolate myself from others but also writing on my blog is very helpful. Conversation and socializing can be good, depending on what the issue is.

I believe that the purpose of my life is to help others where possible to lead the best life they can. I am a teacher and I’m quite altruistic as well.  It’s why I never ask Angelos for money yet I pay him for his books/courses. I probably should but that’s not really me.

I’m idealistic and a bit hippie-like, despite also being logical and fact driven. I’m very masculine for a girl and I know my own mind. It’s taken me a long time to assert myself as I’m quite controversial. I’m also independent. I’m certainly a heterosexual woman though.

I want everyone to know that I love them even though I most certainly don’t show it in a neurotypical manner.

I don’t know anyone who is as open as myself and yes you can share this.

The alchemist is one of my favorite books. The matrix is my favorite movie.

I don’t really have favorite quotes as usually there mis-attributed anyway.


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