Trinity Dougherty Jenkins was kind enough to allow me to use this painting she painted for the goodinthehead website.  To learn more about her, click:

The man she used as a model for this picture is a MAN IGNITED.  He is ignited with a passion and a fire within himself to live an extraordinary life, to provide extremely well for his family (which he works hard to do, every day,) to remain grounded in the earth and its energies, and to experience and give love to all of the important people in his life.  He is someone I admire and look up to for what he has built of himself and for his family, and for what he has chosen to accomplish in his life.  He chooses to show up in this world in a big way, yet does it with a silent strength, that is unmatched by many.  Without trying, he shakes the world, in a gentle way.  It’s just who he is.

Accessing the greatness within and connecting with the COLLECTIVE ONENESS, is done through the practice of meditation. I wanted to start meditating years ago, but didn’t know HOW. If we really want to connect with The Universe, speed up the process of Energy Expansion, and REALLY use these meat suits we inhabit on borrowed, limited time, to grow our souls, meditation severely optimizes this process.

There are MANY ways to meditate. Watching this interview with Emily Fletcher introduced me to the method I have now been using for almost a month.

I bought the book and am currently listening to it for the third time.
It has changed EVERYTHING for me, alleviating stress from my stress bucket each day and empowering me with the energy and insight needed to be my better self much more often. In this way, not only have I benefited, but so have the people around me, including my family, co-workers, and complete strangers. I highly recommend trying it out!

I love what my mom taught me last year, after beginning a meditation practice of her own:

“Prayer is when we talk to God and express our deepest desires and gratitude, and send an energy out into the Universe about what we want to create and what we think we deserve.  Meditation is when we open our minds and allow God and the Universe to send us the energies, wisdom, knowledge, and strength that we need, in order to create the life we want and deserve, ourselves.  Make sure you practice both prayer, and meditation.”

Success leaves clues. So does failure. I LOVE to research things that have helped others in ANY way and try them out for myself. I honestly wish I had come across meditation FIRST. Mindset, beliefs, habits, a solid morning routine, and other tools I have researched and implemented into my daily life have helped immensely, but had I STARTED with meditation, I believe everything else would have been downloaded and assimilated much more quickly and efficiently.

Check out all that I have come across so far at and please share these things with others! Even if it is of no use or interest to you, someone you know and love may be looking for and needing one of the things they may come across here. Alone, we can do nothing, but together, we are many, and we can do ANYTHING.


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