August 21: ACTION

Action is the antidote for despair.  Action is the prescription for success.” – Lisa Nichols

Action inspires feelings, just like feelings inspire action.  Through visualization, specific chemicals and hormones are instantly released into our bloodstream that cause us to feel as though the thing we are visualizing has already happened, and that we are already there, having accomplished what we want to accomplish, and already being exactly who we want to be.

Through visualization, energy is emitted in the form of a vibrational frequency from us out into the Universe, making us attractive to that which we are thinking about, and since we tend to get back what we put out, we become attractive to that which we think about.  This is how that which we think about and focus upon is attracted to us.

If we hold that which we want in our minds eye, through concentration, focus, repetition, and consistency, it is ours already.


Some of the most effective visualization I have practiced has been during meditation.  There are many ways to meditate, and one  I learned and is the Ziva technique, which only takes 15 minutes.  It is extremely effective in stress reduction, and regaining a sense of calmness, and includes visualization.  Emily Fletcher teaches this technique, and explains it well, along with all of the many benefits of meditation and visualization in her book, STRESS LESS, ACCOMPLISH MORE.  I was first introduced to her on the YouTube show, HEALTH THEORY.

Physical movement will change our breathing patterns, physiology, chemistry, hormones, and our mind.  When we are in a funk, it is best to move and take action, even if it is small.  Small things turn into big things, especially when done consistently.  Movement brings blood flow, and with it a higher level of oxygen, an ability to begin thinking and feeling differently, and an immediate up-regulation of our immune system.  A ten minute walk can be used as a FAR more effective tool than willpower alone.

Take a walk.  Start moving.  Ride a bike.  Stretch.  Do an easy online, YouTube yoga class.  ANYTHING is better than nothing.  Anything we do will help us be even MORE capable of visualization and creation within the physical world we are interacting and participating in.

There is a mind/body connection that is so real.  Move the body, and the mind will follow suit.

Today I will remember the importance of the mind/body connection.  I will keep moving, even if it is only a little.  I will also research and create a visualization method for myself.

Please feel free to check out and share this information that I have come across and that has been so incredibly helpful to me, regarding meditation and visualization:

Some of the most incredible teachings I have come across regarding creation, movement, and energies, has come to me through the teachings of Bob Proctor.  I was first introduced to his ideas through the book and the movie, THE SECRET, which contains some of the most prolific and empowering thought leaders of our time.

Emily Fletcher teaches an incredible, life-altering meditation technique.  Her book, STRESS LESS, ACCOMPLISH MORE, is definitely worth purchasing and reading or listening to.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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