August 23: Promptings and Inspirations

I think it is extremely important to listen to our promptings that come from within us and ACT UPON THEM IMMEDIATELY.


I believe that when we do, we program our minds and souls to listen on a deeper level to our promptings, each and every time we act upon them.  Just like with ANYTHING, the more we practice this skill, the better we get at it.

Listening to our intuitive voice is a skill that will bless our lives, and the lives of those around us.

I also believe that when we do NOT listen to these promptings and act upon them immediately, we throw up a wall between ourselves and the Universe, God, or Source Energy, and become closed off, or even close-minded, and become undeserving of further promptings.

Listening to the promptings of our intuitive voice is a highly useful, important, and practicable skill.

Have you ever had a strong prompting to call a friend?  I did, once, only to find out I called too late to talk to him, but I did find out that his funeral was the very next day.

Have you ever had a prompting to go a different, longer route home from work, only to find out there was an accident you most likely would have been involved in?

Promptings come at us all day, every day.  It is up to us to consistently create a quiet time for ourselves each day and learn to be open to new possibilities and to learn to listen. 

An excellent way to do this is to wake up just a little earlier for quiet, alone time, and take advantage of it through prayer and/or mediation, writing, a walk in nature, or simply for silent time alone.  Most people laugh at the idea of waking up earlier-I certainly did for years, but done daily and consistently, it becomes a beloved time of valuable introspection, quiet solitude, and inner growth.  When we do hard things consistently, we build confidence and credibility with ourselves, and we become stronger and less afraid of doing OTHER things we consider to be hard.

One of the greatest tools I have discovered to continuously and consistently receive inspiration and promptings, recognize them for what they are, and act upon them, has been to carry around a small, pocket-sized notebook and a pen, and when something enters my mind that may benefit me or someone else in ANY way, I immediately write it down.  I have filled many such books, and now constantly look for and seek out promptings from the Universe, through all that is, at all times.

Something my mother told me once, that really stuck with me is that prayer is a one-way communication from us to God or the Universe, during which we express gratitude and appreciation, and ask for what we want for ourselves and others.  Meditation is a one-way communication from God or the Universe to us, during which time we are prompted and inspired to take immediate action which, if we do, will help, serve, and empower us and others, in the exact ways we need.  Meditation carries with it the answers to our prayers.

Today I will take a few minutes to create a quiet time for myself.  I’ll just enjoy the peace and silence.  I’ll be open and I will listen, even if nothing comes to me.

The book that inspired me to begin a meditative practice which changed me forever, and completely altered the trajectory of my existence in this physical realm is, STRESS LESS, ACCOMPLISH MORE.  For years I fought against the practice of meditation, being overwhelmed by the many fears I had surrounding it, and afraid to “mess it up,” or “do it incorrectly,” but the author of this book, Emily Fletcher, inspired me to try it out.  I am so grateful I did.  I first learned about her and this incredibly helpful and empowering book she wrote from a YouTube interview on the show, Health Theory.

The process she describes, and the benefits that come from consistent practice of this process, only takes 15 minutes!


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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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